Trammels or a beam compass set is a fairly straightforward tool used to mark out a circle or arc. To strike the curve it should be used with the timber onto which the two tramels are mounted. The radius is then set by a process of trial and error, which is irksome in itself; however, with the new UJK Technology Trammel Heads a 64cm aluminium bar (with metric scale) is supplied as part of the kit, and an optional bar of the same length can be joined on. This gives a total length of 128cm.

Standard trammels contain a pair of steel points, as do the UJK Technology set. But, in addition, a ‘V’ shaped cutting blade can be inserted instead of a point. The UJK Technology trammels, therefore, can be used to cut precise arcs or circles in paper and card. There’s also a rather smart Axminster pencil as well, enabling you to draw an arc, instead of cutting or scribing.

Trammel Set

The trammel heads are made from black anodised aluminium and use solid brass screws. The bars are extruded aluminium, finished in the now familiar UJK Technology orange colour.

Whatever your circumstances, if you need to make or cut accurate curves and circles, the new, versatile 3-in-1 UJK Technology Trammel Set should be a serious contender.

Trammel And Guide