Features and Benefits of Fuji Spray Systems

Noise Reduction Technology

It is not unusual for many woodworking set ups to use noise-cancelling headsets to block out the sound of spray system turbines. However, with Fuji Spray turbines, there's a noise reduction component incorporate into the spray system turbine to help with the noise levels. Designed with computer-designed airflow configurations, these systems eliminate any direct sound path that would traditionally cause a high noise output during use. With this feature, you'll have happy neighbours and work colleagues all round!

Spraying a garage door

Significantly, the noise reduction technology built into the Fuji Spray systems help to reduce noise by approximately 50%. It does this without air restriction and without the system overheating. What's more, you'll enjoy a quieter, more effective turbine which produces excellent results, each and every time.

Fuji's Q-Platinum Series turbines are very popular and it's clear to see why. The range is highly efficient and there's a significant noise reduction too which is always a bonus. Interested to know more about these quiet spray systems from Fuji Spray? Take a look at some of our favourite Q-Platinum Series sprayers.

Fuji Spray Q5 Platinum Range

Fuji Spray Q4 Platinum Range

Heat Dissipation Chamber™

Next, the patented Fuji Spray Mini-Mite Platinum and Q-Platinum turbines expel excess heat. This means they maintain cooler operating temperatures which ensures that the turbine does not overheat. What's more, this allows for greater motor longevity, as hot air is routed through the rear of the turbine. It then passes through 60 optimally designed vents before it is dissipated. In summary, a cooler running turbine results in the increased life-cycle of your motor.

Side-Mounted Pattern Control™

Finally, the systems feature a patented side-mounted control fan, located on the left side of the spray gun. The easy to adjust control fan allows you to change the size of the fan and the pattern created by the spray. Unlike traditional HVLP turbine spray guns, these systems allow for incremental fan size. This makes Fuji Spray systems fantastic for a wide variety of applications where you want to achieve a professional finish.

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