The European made range of Rider chisels provides the woodworker with a comprehensive selection of top quality tools.

The Rider Chisels range

The blades are made from chrome manganese steel, carefully hardened and tempered to 59 RC. Handles are made from either very dense hornbeam or tough polypropylene with a striking cap. Where ferrules are fitted, they’re made from stainless steel together with a shock absorbing leather washer between the handle and bolster. The range includes:

      • Butt chisels - with their smaller size, butt chisels are ideal for access to those more awkward corners in any project, as well as fitting comfortably into your favourite tool chest. Available individually in 6, 12, 20 & 25mm sizes and also as a set of four in a wooden box. Overall length 175mm.
      • Bench chisels - bevel edged chisels intended for work at the bench with slightly larger handles on the wider width blades. Available individually in 6, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 & 32mm sizes or as a set of six in a wooden case. Lengths from 265 to 280mm.
      • Mortice chisels - robust, deep section chisels to withstand repeated heavy blows when chopping out mortices. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12mm. Overall length 305mm.
      • Corner chisel - a 10mm chisel which can be used to produce a perfect 90° corner; excellent for squaring out router cut hinge recesses. Overall length 260mm.
      • Bevel Edge Chisel: Soft Grip - the same blades, but fitted with a polypropylene handle with striking cap; superb for site work or for absorbing heavy hammer blows without damage. Available in 6, 12, 19, 25, 32, 38 & 50mm sizes. Overall length 250mm.

The Bench Test

rider_chisels_first_look_01A 20mm bench chisel was selected at random and the edge was honed at 32° using a Veritas MKII honing guide. The chisel was then subjected to twenty heavy blows, using a lignum vitae mallet into a blank of dense, hard Sugar or Rock Maple. This is a brutally ferocious test for any blade and I have witnessed the edges on poorer quality chisels collapse under this sort of abuse.

The edge on this new Rider chisel showed insignificant degradation.


Stand by to be impressed!