With a choice of SPAX screws available, take your pick from: YELLOX; ideal for indoor use, WIROX; perfect for general use, Stainless Steel A2; fantastic for outdoor use with direct exposure to the weather and MDF designed specifically for fastening fibreboards. Available online and in-store.

Special Characteristics of YELLOX screws

  • Increased corrosion protection
    YELLOX SPAX screws achieve corrosion protection that is more than 6 times greater than that offered by blue zinc plating at the same surface thickness (layer thickness of 4-6µm with artificial atmospheric corrosion). The symbol µm stands for a micron which measures the thickness of zinc coating. For reference, 1µm = 1000th of a mm.
  • These screws are chrome(VI) free and much more environmentally-friendly both conventional surfaces, both during manufacturing and usage.
  • Across time, these screws will continue to deliver greater corrosion protection. What's more, they will also retain their yellow finish.
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Special Characteristics of WIROX screws

  • High protection against corrosion
    Compared with conventional black zinc-plated screws, WIROX surface SPAX screws offer significantly higher corrosion protection.
  • Environmentally friendly
    WIROX screws are free of chrome VI which makes them more environmentally friendly than conventional surfaces. This is true both in production and in use.
  • High zinc layer thickness
    With a 25% increase in the thickness of the zinc coating, WIROX screws are now 10µm. As a result, SPAX WIROX screws satisfy Class T2/C2nw in accordance with future standard EN 14592 for roofed outdoor areas.
  • EN 1670 standard SPAX screws with the optimised WIROX surface meet class 4 ("Very high resistance"), according to this European standard for the corrosion resistance of locks and fittings.
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Special Characteristics of MDF screws

  • Ideal for the fastening of fibreboards such as MDF and HDF
  • There's no need to pre-drill holes (wood-dependent)
  • Effectively reduces splitting and bulging of the material
  • Features a WIROX surface (A3J) and small 75° milling head
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Special Characteristics of Stainless Steel A2 screws

  • Designed specifically for outdoor applications directly exposed to the weather.
  • Ideal for use in damp and wet areas eg. kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Stainless steel has a high chromium content, which results in a protective layer forming on the surface.
  • Further alloying constituents such as nickel, molybdenum, manganese and niobium gives the screws increased corrosion resistance.
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Full thread SPAX screws VS Partial thread SPAX Screws

Full Thread

Fixing fittings with pre-drilled hole to, e.g., wooden beams.

  • Thanks to the full thread there's a higher compressive force.
  • What's more, there's a greater absorption of high tensile forces.
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Partial Thread

For screwing boards to beams. The non-threaded part must be the same length or longer than the board to be fixed.

  • Ideal for wood and wood-based materials such as chipboard.
  • High pre-tension between the head and the thread section that acts only in the lower component.
  • Secure connection with reduced gap formation because the thread doesn't lock up.
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