Wooden Deck- 10 Top Tips when laying

Top Tip 1 - Location

Choose a sunny or part shady location but a wooden deck permanently in the shade may be plagued by damp and green algae growth. A south-facing vista is ideal for a wooden deck. Very wet or boggy conditions should be avoided at all costs.

Top Tip 2 - Building Regs

Check with the planning authorities before starting any construction work and keep on best terms with your neighbours by informing them of your intentions.

Top Tip 3 - Planning

Plan out the deck to scale; easily done using squared paper, bearing in mind the standard size of deck boards that you intend to use. A carefully designed wooden deck will limit the wastage both of boards and bearers.

Top Tip 4 - Excess Water

The rain in Spain will stay mainly on your deck if you don’t construct it with a slope of approximately 1:80. Ensure also that the fluted boards face in the direction of the water run-off. This has the advantage of making the deck less slippery and therefore less prone to the buildup of algae.

Top Tip 5 - Foundations

Use an old, unsightly concrete base or patio as a foundation; there is no need to remove it. On soft ground, make a simple foundation using paving slabs. Check to see that existing cabling and pipework below ground won’t be disturbed or damaged. Ensure that its level in all directions with a spirit level but if it’s not...

Wooden Deck
Ensure your deck is level in all directions with a spirit level

Top Tip 6 - Leveling The Bearers

Level the bearers with small offcuts of treated timber.

Top Top 7 - Timber

Use only pressure treated, tanalised decking boards and bearers.

Top Tip 8 - Construction

Use a tape measure, square and hand saw to accurately cut the boards to length. Alternatively, use a cross-cut ‘T’ square and mitre saw to prepare them to the correct sizes. To prevent splinters, handle the timber with heavy duty gloves. Make sure that the material is adequately supported when it’s cut to length. Check the diagonals of the frame with a tape measure; if it's square they will be equal. Paint all the cut ends with a proprietary preservative or protector.

Preparation is key when laying a wooden deck

Top Tip 9 - Fixing

Be sure to use screws which are suitable for exterior use and pre-drill the screw locations with a small bit to prevent splitting at the ends. Use a Torx T25 bit in the drill to insert the screws. Use a small off cut to ensure that there’s an even space between each decking board.

WoodSpur decking screws
WoodSpur Stainless Steel Decking Screws are ideal for safely fixing a wooden deck

Top Tip 10

Maintenance – paint the decking once a year (or as appropriate) with preservative or protector, paying attention to cut ends. Slippery algae which may accumulate can be removed with a pressure washer.

Remove slippery algae with a pressure washer