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Bridgwater & Taunton College offers a full range of learning programmes focused on furniture for Adult Learners, 16-19-year-olds and apprentices. There really is something for everyone.

From the introductory level 1 course, through to the level 3 City & Guilds in furniture manufacturing. All courses are offered in fully equipped workshops with trained and dedicated staff. The range of courses covers everything from sharpening, hand joints, machining, drawer and door fitting, hand planing, routing, and much more.

Furniture Making over the years

There is no doubt that Furniture Making courses have had to adapt over the years with the ever changing environments and challenges that we face. Alongside this, sustainability has continued to become of utmost importance to us all.

finished project

“The use of high-quality timber and its sustainability has become, quite rightly, evermore at the front of people’s minds. Here at the college, we teach students to respect our natural resources and encourage future designers and makers to use sustainable sources. It’s vital for our students to carefully plan their making techniques and timber processing to avoid waste and make the most of our natural resources.


Adult learning opportunities

Bridgwater & Taunton College's adult learning courses are great for those looking to change careers, those looking to become self-employed, or anyone looking to develop a new creative skill.

Adult courses start from ‘Level 1’ through to ‘Level 3’, so whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in Furniture Making, there is a qualification waiting for you.

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Course levels 1 and 2 run for the duration of the academic year. Level 3 runs for 2 years. All courses are part-time and require the attendance of one day per week for the time periods stated. This gives adult learners the chance to fit their studies within their working and personal lives, making them more accessible to many.

Additional online learning facilities are offered to all students to help enhance their knowledge and follow on from the practical workshop sessions. These can be completed at the students own time and pace.

A range of funding options are available to learners depending on the individuals’ circumstances. Please direct any questions to Kate from the furniture department. Email:

Bridgwater & Taunton College and Axminster

Bridgwater & Taunton College chose Axminster as a supplier to ensure their students were provided with quality tools and equipment efficiently.

We pride ourselves on first-class technical assistance, customer service and quick delivery times, vital for the fast pace dynamics of the college.

“Our relationship with Axminster has been a huge benefit to our students. We can confidently recommend good quality tools that will suit the learners needs.
The technical expertise of the team at Axminster has also been great. As well as the additional resources such as ‘Woodworking Wisdom’ tutorials to help with additional home learning.
Axminster has a passion for encouraging learning and supporting the continual development of high skills of craftspeople. This mirrors the college’s mission to support students and keep high standards of learning accessible to as many people as possible.

To the next generation of furniture makers

“Keep going and developing skills in problem-solving. This will be a large part of your early furniture making journey. Keep focused and your skills will develop quicker than you expect. With a little practice, you will create quality work that is worthy of being placed in any home or workplace.

Workshop recommendations

“Our students love the Axminster Rider range of hand tools. As they progress, build skills and start to build their own tool collection, the Rider range provides a quality tool at a decent and affordable price. These tools will last the students into their professional career. The no 5 Hand Plane and Bevel Edged Chisels are a particular favourite of our learners. Alongside as the sharpening options Axminster offers.

Trust us to help you plan, buy and install

Offering advice, workshop planning, product demonstrations, after sales support and much more. Axminster provides a comprehensive guarantee on our own branded machinery, which covers all parts and labour for the first three years. We have the knowledge and insight to ensure that you are achieving the best results.

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