Easy Inlay provides rare, exotic, high quality inlay supplies for professional and hobbyist woodworkers, woodturners, luthiers, jewellers, and many other artists and crafters.

Easy Inlay Woodworking Materials

Made from the sea and the earth

Easy Inlay makes inlay... EASY! Their unique and high-quality products provide a decorative technique often used in woodworking and crafting. Great for all skill levels, including beginners, their products add beautiful designs, patterns, or materials into the surface of a larger object.

All of the Easy Inlay materials are easy to sand over wood or ceramic, making finishing a breeze. These products are made from the sea and the earth: variations in colour or figure add to the natural aesthetic.

What's in the range?

Easy Inlay Ring Core Blank

Create beautiful, professional grade jewellery with Easy Inlay's wood or ceramic ring core blanks. Together with Easy Inlay's Cultured Opal or Paua Abalone strips, you can create eye catching pieces of jewellery.

More sizes available online


No lathe? No problem! With just a few minimal tools, you can create unique creations. Learn how to create a unique inlay ring quickly and easily! Watch this helpful video where Colwin talks us through making your very own DIY ring mandrel.

Easy Inlay Cultured Opal

Add a pop, visual depth and dimension to almost any woodworking project. The jewellery-grade Cultured Opal Inlay contains the fire typically seen in rare opals and is optically and physically identical to those found in nature. Simply insert the brilliant facets of 2-3 mm grains into voids and small knots to add visual depth and dimension to pens, rings, knife handles, wine stoppers and more!


Easy Inlay Metal Leaf

Adds a luxurious gleam and glimmer to any woodworking, woodturning, or crafting project. It's a composition of real metal alloys flattened into fine, thin, square leaves and is an affordable alternative to real gold leaf; a great option for budget-conscious creators!

Available to purchase in 20-leaf packs, add the handy Application Starter Kit and you'll have everything you need for your metal leaf project.


Easy Inlay Paua Abalone & Mother of Pearl Strips

These extremely colourful strips add eye-catching fire to jewellery, pens, boxes, furniture, wine stoppers, vessels, and more! Paua Abalone shell is extremely colourful and exhibits opalescent blues, rich greens, and luminous fiery flashes. Easy Inlay made even easier; simply peel the sticky backing off the strip, lay it into a ring groove or other channel and add adhesive.


A bit about Easy Inlay's Scott Grove...

Founder of Easy Inlay, Scott Grove is an international award-winning master craftsman. Woodworker, artist, sculptor, teacher, author, tool designer, and YouTuber, Scott lectures, demonstrates and judges at national conferences, as well as regional and local woodworking groups. Based in America, Scott is a contributing writer for Woodworking Network, Fine Woodworking, Woodshop News, FDM, Popular Woodworking, and American Woodturner. He’s published three books on woodworking with a fourth about the business of craft on the way. His work can be found in prominent museum, gallery, and private collections. Access Scott’s portal at www.ImagineWoodworking.com and follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.