Festool DOMINO Joining Machines

If you're looking to create extremely strong, invisible joints, Festool DOMINO jointing machines tick all the boxes. Whether you choose the DF 500 or the XL DF 700 version, both allow you to achieve ideal results in less time than ever before. Thanks to the innovative stop cap system, it is simple to position the machine in no time at all.  For convenience, the routing height and depth can be adjusted in seconds. The pre-selection slider makes this process hassle free.

Next, the unique patented pendulum routing principle ensures any holes do not get scorch marks. It also enables smooth, accurate work, each and every time. Finally, the flexible adjustment options and compatible accessories mean that Festool DOMINO joining machines offer virtually unlimited jointing possibilities.

Festool DOMINO DF 500

With four mortising widths, the DF 500 DOMINO joiner can handle anything from panel joints and frame joints to rack joints and drawer joints. Ideal for furniture manufacture, its main applications include window construction, shopfitting and interior fitting as well as exhibition stand construction.

Festool DOMINO DF 500

An important note, as always, is that of effective dust extraction. When working with the Festool DOMINO DF 500 jointer, larger quantities of wood chips are created. To safeguard your health and improve chip removal out of the routed hole during routing, we recommend working with a Festool dust extraction system.

Features and Benefits

  • Thanks to the stop catches, precise and fast positioning is simple. There's no need for complicated measuring or marking meaning you save time and effort.
  • The unique shape of the DOMINO, in conjunction with lateral longitudinal grooves and expanding glue pockets, gives the dowels a very secure grip.
  • For convenience, it is possible to process up to 10 x 5mm in size. Also available in 750mm lengths in 8mm and 10mm.
  • Once you've selected your required routing depth using the detent lever lock, it's simple to cut the same depth over and over again. Choose from 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 28mm.
  • The variable routing angle adjustment or pre-settings mean you'll enjoy precision mitre routing.
  • For convenience, DOMINOs are available in two materials, each designed for a different application. For interior applications, use beech dominos. Beech is very hard and tough. It has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance. Alternatively, for exterior applications, use weatherproof, insect and mould-resistant sipo DOMINOs. Commonly referred to as 'sipo mahogany' or 'utile', sipo is an African wood that is considered to be the closest, in terms of aesthetics, to genuine mahogany.
  • All joints are 100% rotation-proof. This means there's no need to align the workpieces.


  • The Festool DOMINO DF 500 is fantastic for making the sides of drawers as even thin workpieces from 12mm upwards can be easily connected.

Festool DOMINO XL DF 700

The XL DF 700 model takes up where the DF 500 leaves off. In a nutshell it offers larger and deeper tenoning capacity.

Festool DOMINO XL DF 700

Features and Benefits

  • The XL DF 700 joining machine is extra mobile and extra stable. With easy to adjust stops, you'll enjoy accurate results, every time.
  • Transform the way you work. Many people will rarely, if ever, do conventional mortise and tenon joinery again. Why? Because the Festool DOMINO XL DF 700 is every bit as strong as traditional mortise and tenon joints. What's more, the time you'll save is staggering and measuring mistakes are almost completely eliminated.
  • The XL DF 700 allows you to make significant time savings; as much as 50% which is a massive benefit of this large machine. The time saving is compared with stationary machines on solid joints up to a dowel size of 14 x 140 mm.
  • As a big and reasonably heavy machine for a hand-held tool, one of the advantages of the larger version DOMINO is you'll enjoy extra stability. While it can be a little more onerous if you're mainly making smaller joints, the XL DF 700 joining machine does allow you to make much bigger joints.
  • For complete flexibility and convenience, Festool system accessories are fully compatible with both DOMINO jointers. For small mortise capability simply install the the threaded extension on an XL DF 700, and you'll be able to use the smaller DF 500 cutters on the larger machine.
  • The larger XL DF 700 is convenient and safe. The unique patented pendulum routing principle enables smooth, accurate work, as well as holes without any scorch marks.
  • With the variable routing depth setting of 15-70 mm and two freely selectable 'flag' positions you will save time when using the same cutting depth over and over again.


  • The Festool DOMINO XL DF 700 is ideal for door and furniture construction as well as for wood joints.
  • Both the DF 500 and the XL DF 700 models are great for making floating tenon joints and are ideal for a wide range of applications including exterior doors, picture frames, table tops, and tables, for example.

Round Up

Do more with DOMINO. In summary, Festool's DF 500 and XL DF 700 jointing machines are fantastic if you need to create strong, invisible joints. Both machines offer many features and benefits and allow you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Environmental Factors

All Festool DOMINOs originate from sustainable forest management. The beech DOMINOs are certified by the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC). The PEFC is based on six European criteria for sustainable forest management. Amongst other things, they work hard to preserve and, where possible, extend forest resources as well as maintain healthy and vital forest ecosystems.

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