Festool Mitre Saw Update

Introducing the new and improved KS 120 KAPEX Mitre Saw from Festool

The Festool KAPEX KS 120 double bevel mitre saw is compact but really packs a punch. Weighing in at 21.5kg, the mitre saw is lightweight so it's easier to transport for on site work. Robust and well-made, the KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw is designed for anyone who demands accuracy and quality without compromise.


The Festool KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw offers extensive application possibilities thanks to the special cutting position. This makes it is ideal for a wide range of applications. Although the saw is small, it is mighty in its ability to cut material up to 120mm in height. So, whether you need to cut boards, panels, strip material or planks, the Festool KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw ticks all of the boxes.

  • Perfect for professionals as well as serious woodworkers who take on heavy-duty woodworking tasks.
  • Ideal for anyone looking to cut through wood, aluminium, and soft plastics.
  • Trim skirting boards and cornices up to 120mm in height.
  • Trim timber and beams up to 88mm thick.
  • Cut boards and panels up to 305 x 88mm.
  • Trim crown mouldings up to 168 mm in their original wall position.

Features and Benefits

Make accurate trenching cuts quickly and effortlessly without stepless adjustment. For complete peace of mind, the twin-column guide means you'll achieve accurate cuts, each and every time.

Work faster - FastFix saw blade changing system

The sliding compound mitre saw allows you to work faster thanks to the FastFix saw blade changing system. To operate, simply activate the spindle stop by turning the FastFix knob which spindle locks the blade and prevents the saw from being switched on making changing blades safe, simple and quick. Using the Allen key, it is easy to loosen the flange. Next, replace the current saw blade with a more suitable blade to match your upcoming task. The FastFix system encourages you to use the best saw blade for the material you intend to cut. The benefits include quicker, easier and safer saw blade changes as well as savings in terms of time and money as you continue to work with little down time.

Dual powered lasers double your accuracy and precision, delivering the true kerf of the saw blade

There's no need for measurements, calculations and inaccuracies - the bevel stored in the holder allows for the precision transfer of interior and exterior angles to the KAPEX. For complete peace of mind, you can even transfer complex angles accurately. The bevel cleverly calculates the dissecting angle automatically for stress-free working.

The bevel allows for the precision transfer of interior and exterior angles

Next, the double cutting line mark indicates the exact width of the saw cut on the workpiece irrespective of the positioning. The lasers enable convenient positioning of workpieces from the left or right which means you'll make faster progress with your work. For convenience, it's easy to fine-tune the lasers; simply use the three-axl adjustment controls to change as you wish. Finally, because it's electrically powered, there's no need for batteries.

An independent button means it's possible to turn the lasers on and off without having to switch off the saw. If unused for more than 30 minutes, the laser automatically switches off to protect the laser unit.

1,600W motor - variable speed 1,400 to 3,400 rpm - soft start, constant speed, overload protection and braked.

But that's not it...

  • The new version semi-stationary KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw now includes a CLEANTEC connecting sleeve with integrated bayonet fitting as well as clever details for an even wider range of applications.
  • Its lightweight, compact design keeps you flexible at all times. There's two ergonomic handles at either end of the mitre saw which makes it simple to carry.
  • The KAPEX features a very precise mitre scale which have clear, easy to read and easy to set angles. The angles can be accurately set within a fraction of a degree and locked for an aggressive hold. This means the angle will be set and your cuts precise.
  • Moreover, the saw blade can be tilted 47° to either side. With the balance springs in the rear of the machine, this makes setting angles a breeze while you can turn the rotary base 50° to the left and 60° to the right.
  • Its ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left and right handed operation.
  • Furthermore, the main casting provides a firm foundation to support the twin bars which the saw unit travels on. This gives the saw its supreme accuracy and solid feel in operation. The machine comes with a 60 tooth blade (2.5mm kerf), adjustable bevel and work clamp.
  • The guiding rails do not extend towards the end of the machine for safe transportation. Also, the clamp prevents it from extending unintentionally. Lastly, the head of the KAPEX saw locks down when not in use which means it can be stored in more places as it becomes more compact.

Dust Extraction

  • Next, the dust extraction and collection system gets rid of 91% of sawdust when used in conjunction with a Festool CT dust extractor. When used together, you'll enjoy a cleaner, safer working environment.
  • Finally, the KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw drives dust away from your work surface with its handy swiveling dust port. It also features an integrated dust hood which sends dust from the blade directly into the dust collection port while you work.


The KAPEX saw base is the same height as the SYSTAINER SYS 1 case. This means you can use it to support long workpieces when you work on the floor.

Add accessories to upgrade to a sawing station

Multi-function table MFT

The KAPEX KS 120 mitre saw fits perfectly on the MFT perforated plate. Simply secure it with the clamping set.

Table Extension

Repeatedly cut workpieces to the same length with stop flags aligned on the scale. By doing so, you'll notice significant time savings.

Festool KAPEX Multi-function table

Workpiece Clamp

This clamp is adapted perfectly to the KAPEX mitre saw which means there's no slipping or wobbling. Furthermore, it helps to provide maximum levels of stability on both the left and right hand sides.

Crown Moulding Stop

There's no need for any re-work with this handy accessory. The special fence for crown mouldings and angled stop is easily adjustable for complete flexibility. Moreover, it holds everything perfectly in position. In no time at all, you'll make rapid progress with your work.

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