Competition now closed!

The Make It In March 2023 Competition is now closed! Thank you to everybody who has entered, we have had another incredible year showcasing just some of the amazing talent amongst our customers. Keep your eyes peeled for our Winners, which we look forward to announcing soon!

We have our Winners!

Another year, another incredible collection of your creations! Thank you to everyone who entered, we have loved seeing the huge amount of talent on display among our customers. But, our judges have decided and the Winners are...


Calvin - Floating Walnut Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Building my house at the moment and I am challenging myself to build everything from scratch with zero experience, needless to say learning from my mistakes as I go along!!!! Here is the my floating walnut vanity cabinet I managed to finished today for the family bathroom. Draw fronts is a walnut with black epoxy with a double half blind dovetails draw boxes with walnut, Purple Heart and poplar. On to the next project (kitchen)!


Adrian - Fiat Ducato Build

It's not our usual style, and is made to the customers spec, but is still a quality ATT interior. Made in birch ply, with formica doors we had a lot of problem solving to do to get all of the elements requested to fit, function and work aesthetically in this space. The shower is enclosed by a retractable screen. Water heater and electrics are all under the rear benches which come together to form a large bed. Two long rear drawers are accessed from the back doors.


Edmund - Dovetail Box

Sapele and Walnut dovetail box with Ebony lid and a wooden hinge. My first attempt at a wooden hinge.

Categories and prizes

Hobby - Do you make for fun? Perhaps it's practical projects for around the house or you enjoy gifting your creations to family members. If your projects are purely for fun and you've had no formal training, this is the category for you.

Professional - Do you make money from your woodworking skills? Maybe you've had professional training or you sell your pieces, whether at craft fairs, in shops or directly. If your woodwork brings in money and/or you've had or are in formal training, you're a pro in our eyes.

Junior - Exactly what it says on the tin. This category is for those who are under sixteen years of age.

Born out of the desire to highlight the pieces you’ve created and to inspire others to get hands on, whatever their interests, space, and skill level, this is your time to shine. We look forward to seeing your entries and what you've been working on recently.

What do I win?


WIN a £500 Gift Card

Use #MakeItInMarch23Hobby


WIN a £500 Gift Card

Use #MakeItInMarch23Pro

Junior (under 16s)

WIN a £200 Gift Card

Use #MakeItInMarch23Junior

Meet the judges

The three winners will be picked by our team of judges after the competition has closed.

Sean Evelegh

Sean is our Out of the Woodwork podcast presenter and a proud Axminster Tools Ambassador. His passion for creating beautiful wooden furniture embraces the whole process, from milling up the tree to applying the final coat of finish. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities of different wood species and always looks to incorporate the natural beauty of the wood in his designs. He would describe himself as a creator of modern pieces, informed by traditional methods, but always looking to push the boundaries.

Sean Evelegh

Jonathan Hill

Next up, Jonathan is a maker of historic and modern stringed instruments. The feeling that his instruments are going to be played for hundreds of years is what drives him to make them. Jonathan is the only maker in the UK specialising in Violas d'amore. He has also made more consecutive instruments than any other maker, living and historically. Jonathan's outstanding contribution to woodworking earned him the title of Woodworker of the Year at the 2022 Heritage Crafts Awards.

Jonathan Hill

Lauren Wood

Finally, former DT teacher and furniture designer and maker, Lauren has always loved making things. Any chance she gets you'll find her in the workshop. Whatever the project, Lauren says it should look good and be made well. She believes that simple designs provide stand out pieces and for her, it's all about balancing the form versus the function of the piece. Lauren was recognised for her joinery skills and attention to detail when she was crowned the winner of series 2 of Channel 4's Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker last autumn.

Lauren Wood

Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants under 18 will need parental or guardian permission to enter;
  • Only one entry per person is permitted;
  • Entries that are discovered to come from the same person will result in disqualification;
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