Here at Axminster Tools we are committed to helping build a sustainable future for the woodworking industry; for the wellbeing of our staff, our customers, the environment and the communities we support and engage with. So we were delighted to receive accreditation from The Good Business Charter (GBC) as recognition of responsible business behaviour. The GBC is a voluntary accreditation and we joined to acknowledge our responsibilities and demonstrate our commitment to good working practices.

About The Good Business Charter

The GBC was launched in early 2020 with the aim of encouraging responsible business behaviour. It recognises organisations who care for their employees, customers and the environment. It measures behaviours over 10 components; real living wage, fairer hours and contracts, employee well-being, employee representation, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, paying fair tax, commitment to customers, ethical sourcing, and prompt payment. These organisations must meet all 10 in order to achieve accreditation.

The Good Business Charter brings together 10 standards, most of which already exist, but in separate places. We have brought them together to give a coherent overall position for businesses to aspire to. It's our belief that the GBC has enormous potential to change business practice for good.  We hope that because of its simplicity and cost effectiveness, it will quickly gain support.

Simon Fox (Chairman of the GBC board)
Good Business Charter

Our Pledge

Over the past nearly 50 years we have built our family business on a foundation of strong customer service values. We strive to be a highly inclusive and diverse organisation. Furthermore, we want to create an engaging environment where our people can develop to their full potential. Equally, we are committed to supporting our local and wider communities and we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our effect on the environment and have a positive impact. We are proud to be acknowledged for the work we are already doing and we pledge to continually evolve and improve.

Axminster Tools are very proud to have gained the Good Business Charter accreditation. It showcases to our customers, suppliers and employees how serious we are about delivering and living good business behaviour. Likewise, it highlights our commitment to good ethical business practices in our approach to the environment, legal and financial compliance. Our employees will continue to enjoy good working conditions, with fairness, representation and diversity. Furthermore, every member of our team has an influence and shared responsibility towards supporting environmental initiatives and good working practices.

Jane Boulton (HR Director, Axminster Tools)
Good Business Charter