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WoodSpur - Quantity discounts available

The Driving Force

Every workshop needs a great range of screws that offer excellent performance. Used on a daily basis it's easy to forget these consumables; investing in decent wood screws will save you time and money. Read more...

Special features that
set WoodSpur apart

The head

The head

Double angle, self countersunk with a correctly formed recess

Increasing the size of head where it meets the body of the screw make these screws much stronger. This minimises the risk of the head shearing under the final tightening torque.

Six ribs on the underside of the head help the screw self countersink and lessen the torque required for a clean flush finish. Whether Pozidrive or Torx, the correctly formed recess minimises the risk of cam-out.

The thread

The thread

Deep, sharp and wax lubricated

After plating, the screws undergo a further coating to reduce friction. Lower friction needs less power, meaning more screws driven on a single battery charge. The thread slices effortlessly through the timber without tearing the fibres, making for a much stronger fixing.

The tip

The tip

Self cutting tip requires no pre-drilling

The tip cuts as it penetrates and the initial portion of the thread engages immediately. The sharp point helps when placing the screw and prevents skating. We still recommend drilling pilot holes in very hard wood.

Stainless Steel

Made of marine grade A4 stainless steel, Stainless Steel screws provide the highest resistance to surface corrosion. The Torx head enables a secure bit grip to prevent cam-out, allowing for an optimal force transmission.

Pozi Premium Screws

Gold Zinc plated steel finish, very good resistance to corrosion. Suitable for interior use in soft or hardwood, chipboard, OSB or MDF.

Torx Premium Screws

Gold Zinc plated steel finish, very good resistance to corrosion, Torx head helps prevent cam-outs. Suitable for interior use in soft or hardwood, chipboard, OSB or MDF.

Decking Screws

A2 Stainless Steel; highly corrosion-resistant and double thread design suitable for decking use.

Torx Stainless Steel Screws

A4 Marine Grade; rustproof to withstand all weathers, most suitable for outdoor applications.

Outdoor Screws

Nickel-Martensitic Stainless steel with dacromet green coating gives a high resistance to corrosion. Suitable for a range of outdoor timber frames and structures.

Pozi Trade Screws

Silver Zinc plated steel finish, with resistance to corrosion, an economical interior screw for trade. Suitable for interior use in soft or hardwood, chipboard, OSB or MDF.

Phillips Drywall Screws

Hardened, twin threaded, rustproof with a black phosphate finish. For fixing plasterboard to battens, rafters or steel frames.

More about WoodSpur

A decent wood screw is one of the most common pieces of consumable hardware, being used by the handful on a daily basis for all-manner of fixing jobs and without as much as a second thought. We have been searching for a range of screws to meet the high quality and performance that our woodworkers were demanding - we have now selected the best.

WoodSpur screws have been run through exhaustive tests with professional craftsmen and tradesmen - using torque drills in many different types of wood and situations - not just once but many hundreds of times. We compared the performance and strength of our range of WoodSpur screws against the market leaders - we made improvements and now we believe we have the best!

Very impressed, sharp threads for a good drive combined with the self countersinking heads made for a top quality finish. Top quality screws at an amazing price.


Plated to protect against corrosion - Silver Zinc plating gives WoodSpur Trade screws good corrosion resistance, making them ideal for general indoor usage. The WoodSpur screws are also available in A4 (Marine grade) Stainless Steel for use outdoors, in a damp, humid environments (e.g. bathrooms) or in oak.

Top rated products

Screw length

Top tip 1

Maximum Overall
Screw Length

Approximately 3mm less than the combined thickness of the two boards being joined.

Screw holding strength

Top tip 2

Maximum Screw
Holding Strength

A longer screw of smaller diameter provides more holding strength than a shorter screw of a larger diameter.


Top tip 3

Driving of Screws
into Hardwoods

Rubbing the screw with beeswax prior to driving will ease the process considerably.

Bulk Buy Savings

Quantity discounts available
on selected screws

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