X-LOCK Spotlight

Launching their most innovative angle grinder product line, the new Bosch X-LOCK system will save you precious time, effort, and money through more efficient working. As well as multiple accessories, enjoy a new generation of Bosch corded and cordless angle grinders.

X-LOCK Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy to use; up to 5 times faster than conventional angle grinder.
  • Simply change over accessories at the press of a button. There's now no need to unscrew and re-fasten components.
  • For convenience, almost every X-LOCK accessory fits on standard angle grinders.
  • The X-LOCK assortment is constantly growing; there are over 130 accessories to choose from.
  • X-LOCK interface is unobtrusive and extremely shallow. This means it is fantastic for when you need to get closer to the work surface without the nut getting in the way.
  • For peace of mind, there's no way of mounting the accessories incorrectly. The simple mechanism locks securely in place with a click so you know it is safely mounted to your angle grinder.
  • Increased speed and convenience means there's no need to have a huge range of grinders at your disposal.
  • The changing system does not rely on any tools or components.
  • The new design stops any frustration of changing angle grinder accessories. No longer will you potentially lose a nut, spanner or flange.
  • The red X-LOCK switch is used to unlock angle grinder accessories for easy, hassle-free detachment.
  • X-LOCK accessories have X shaped bores while still keeping standard flange touchpoints (22.23mm bore).
  • There's no nut to disturb you when working with angle grinders.
  • You can now enjoy flat grinding, and surfaces will never get scratched.

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