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Festool TOPROCK Bluetooth® Speaker

Ideal for the construction site, home workshop or just your free time, the new Festool TOPROCK is the perfect choice for streaming your favourite songs via Bluetooth®. The Bluetooth® speaker in the Systainer³ lid combines all the advantages of the Festool Systainer system in perfect harmony. Four high performance speakers, combined with the cleverly designed resonance chamber, provide a super clear sound. Plus, for those who want more, simply connect two TOPROCK speakers to your smartphone. The result? A voluminous stereo sound which fills the room with your favourite tunes!

Features and Benefits

  • The TOPROCK Bluetooth® speaker offers the best of both worlds - carry your tools underneath and your music on top. For convenience, Festool tools and accessories can be stored inside the TOPROCK and are easy to transport.
  • The four neodymium speakers and two bass reflex systems deliver excellent sound quality. Wherever you are, you can rock out to an impressive total power of 20 watts.
  • The power bank function allows you to charge external devices such as smartphones while on the go or onsite. Simply connect via the USB port on the Systainer
  • With illuminated buttons you can use the system, day or night and in all seasons. The illuminated buttons are discreetly integrated in the Systainer lid and are intuitive to operate: On and off, volume up and down, connect to Bluetooth®.
  • Operate using the integrated battery or power cable; the choice is yours. For complete flexibility, the integrated battery allows for an operating time of up to ten hours at a medium volume. It is also easy to charge the Bluetooth® speaker with the supplied power cable.
  • Bluetooth® 5 with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function enables users to produce a stereo sound which fills the room by connecting two TOPROCK speakers. When two TOPROCK speakers are connected, these act as the right-hand and the left-hand speaker.
  • For complete flexibility, the TOPROCK Bluetooth® speaker is fully compatible with all Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories.
  • Take advantage of customised vehicle integration; thanks to the special holder, TOPROCK can be directly integrated into Bott Vario3 vehicle equipment.

Next, if you've not already seen the information about the new Festool Systainer³, take a look at the update below!

About the NEW Systainer³

The new Systainer³ generation enables you to be more mobile than ever before. Festool, TANOS and Bott have worked together to develop a mobility system which brings the workshop and the construction site closer together. Thanks to perfect integration in the Bott Vario3 vehicle equipment, you can now take the familiar arrangement and the simple handling that you used to from the Systainer system, into your vehicle as well.

Festool T-LOC Systainer3 137 Storage Case (SYS3M)     Festool T-LOC Systainer3 237 Storage Case
  • Third generation of Festool Systainer
  • There is the possibility to lock the box with a padlock
  • The new Systainer³ is compatible with its predecessor, the Systainer T-LOC
  • It is also possible to place and connect the Systainer³ on top of a classic Systainer
  • As Systainers get higher, you reach a point where the lid handle is ergonomically superior to the front handle. This is because you no longer can carry the weight nearer to your body as it is the case with lower heights. Therefore, a front handle in included only in the lower three heights (112, 137, 187) whereas the bigger ones (237, 337, 437) get the pull handle for the Bott system.

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