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The PM1250 Micro Dust Filter by Powermatic is the world’s most innovative air filtration system for woodworkers. Complete with micro-dust collection technology that works like a magnet, attracting and capturing airborne dusts down to 0.1 microns. The revolutionary AFS (Air Filtration System) continually purifies the air in your workspace with ultra-quiet efficiency; allowing you to breathe confidently without inhaling dangerous, microscopic dust particles.

Revolutionary air filtration for woodworkers

Micro Dust Collection Technology

Powermatic’s innovative micro-dust collection technology centres around a statically charged filter. This electrostatic filter works like a dust magnet, attracting and capturing some of the most dangerous dust particles from the air. Instead of air pushing dust against a woven filter which builds and clogs, the PM1250 filter is wound like a spiral which allows the filter to remain open for more air to pass through. Thus, continually collecting micro dust particulates and cleaning the air.Proven to reduce airborne particles, the patented filter technology removes dust by cycling five times per hour, reducing dust by 99.7% down to 0.1 microns in a 155m3 area. 

Ultra quiet and efficient

Engineered fan blades increase the airflow while reducing the air filtration system’s noise. The PM1250 is quieter than a normal conversation at 50.8 dB on High and 41.3 dB on Low speed setting. Designed to run 24/7, the systems low noise level helps to eliminate distractions that you typically get with other traditional AFS units.

Easy mobility

Designed to suit your workspace, the PM1250 is easily portable and has multiple mounting positions. You can choose to hang the air filtration system on the wall or mount it to your workbench. The convenient carrying handle allows you to easily move the system from workstation to workstation. Whilst the side handles allow you to angle the system or flip it to redirect air.

To conclude

As with every product Powermatic builds, the PM1250 pushes the limits of design, innovation and durability. Versatile, quiet and efficient; the innovative air filtration system gives you the confidence to breathe in your workspace. Its clever engineering provides protection from dangerous microscopic dust particles. Whilst the versatility makes it easy to move and position to where you need it most.

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