Axminster Trade Table Saw & Axminster Craft BandsawA year in review

This year at Axminster we’ve seen some big changes to our machinery ranges as we’ve introduced new tools and machines specifically developed to take your work to the next level. From Trade upgrading its range, adding new machines which boast industrial features to Hobby transitioning into Craft and also introducing new machines that give you the capacity to get the perfect results for your project. Now, as 2018 draws to an end we take a moment to round-up the tools which have stood out to us because of their new, innovative and popular features!

Self-adjusting Toggle Clamps

For use on a router table, spindle moulder saw bench or when constructing custom made jigs. The Self-adjusting Toggle Clamps come in two types, those that apply force down towards the base of the clamp and those that drive a plunger laterally away from the base. Each clamp requires minimum operating effort giving you maximum clamping force. Anywhere you need a fast, firm hold down, a toggle clamp is what you’ll need.

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Horizontal Toggle Clamp

Simply press the handle down and the clamp locks in position securely holding the workpiece in place. Available in three sizes:

Push/Pull Toggle Clamp

The push/pull toggle clamp converts the movement of the handle into an axial movement of the piston. The piston pushes a workpiece against a fence or stops and locks with the handle in the horizontal position. Available in two sizes:

UJK Technology 50mm Guide Dog

UJK Technology 50mm Guide Dog

Supplied as a pair, these 50mm Guide Dogs fit exactly into the 20mm holes of the UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench. Also available in 12mm (UJK Technology Guide Pup), both are part of the UJK Parf System and are ideal for use with guide rails. CNC machined from 303-grade stainless steel, the Guide Dogs and Guide Pups give you plenty of support when undertaking tasks, holding the workpiece in place without any surface obstruction.

Axminster Trade Ultimate EdgeAxminster Trade Ultimate Edge Deluxe Variable Speed Sharpening System

A new way of sharpening, linishing and polishing, the Ultimate Edge is a tool user’s dream. Introduced at the start of December, this ingenious machine allows for fast repeatable sharpening on all your edge tools! But, it’s so much more than just a sharpening machine. The belt can be positioned in the horizontal position allowing linishing and flat sanding jobs to be achieved. It is also an effective polishing and honing machine, utilising the unique “Twist n Fix” arbor where a multitude of polishing mops and honing wheels can be used.

Festool CTM 26 E CLEANTEC Dust Extractor (M class)

This year we saw Festool add new and better features to the CTM 26, 36 and 48 mobile dust extractors. Alongside improved suction there is secure storage with the T-LOC for secure coupling of SYSTAINERs and the ability to connect hoses to produce one long hose. The CLEANTEC also features clever Bluetooth technology to start the dust extractor from the hose. Plus, when used with the Bluetooth battery packs, the Bluetooth module enables you to automatically start the extractor when you switch on your cordless tool.

Axminster Trade Bandsaw

Axminster Trade AT3352B Bandsaw

Featuring a gold colour, TiN coated table for hard wearing and smooth workpiece travel, the HW615E bandsaw is one of the very best premium bandsaws on the market. Its high quality, robust frame and smooth and accurate table tilt adjustment, matched with the T-square style fence, allow you to achieve precise and accurate cuts.

UJK Technology Paint Points

UJK Technology Paint Points

These popular Paint Points save you time and eliminate paint drips. Lie your work down horizontally on the pointed tips to minimise surface contact and finish both sides of your work in a single session! Made in the UK and entirely from stainless steel they are unaffected by modern water based acrylic paints and varnishes.

Bridge CityBridge City MT-2 Pocket Multi-Tool

Selecting some of the most prestigious measuring tools from Bridge City Tool Works, the Pocket Multi-Tool possesses multiple precise functions. The MT-1 combines the following functions: a 200mm sliding bevel, a 1:8 dovetail saddle square, a 1:6 dovetail saddle square and a regular saddle square. An effective cam-lock holds the stainless steel blade firmly in position. The blade has a 1:8 dovetail cutout and a pencil notch on the tip that allows you to use the MT-1 to draw a line parallel to an edge.

Bridge City Tool Works are a tool company like no other. Crafting tools to the highest of standards using the finest materials, Bridge City design some of the very best hand tools in the world.

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Axminster Trade Dust ProcessorAxminster Trade ATG700DP Gyro Air Fine Dust Processor

Since being introduced this summer, the Gyro Air has, alongside the AT3352B Bandsaw, proven a popular choice with our trade customers. The most unique extractor in our range, the Gyro Air uses centrifugal technology to maximise the extraction performance and minimise filter maintenance. Variable speed enables you to adjust the airflow to your work, whilst the very low noise level allows this high-performance machine to be used in any busy workshop! Watch our video to discover more about this unique addition to the Trade range including its versatile, compact size and easy to remove dust containers.

JSP Infinity RespiratorJSP APF40 PowerCap Infinity Powered Respirator TH3

The ultimate respiratory solution for industrial users. Inspired by feedback received from users who frequently wear Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), JSP developed the PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator. It combines TH3 respiratory protection with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40) - the highest rating possible, together with eye, face and head protection, to offer high level protection against multiple hazards in harsh industrial environments. Read our informative guide to learn more about the JSP PowerCap® Infinity®.

A roundup of the year’s top tools

So there we have it, a round-up of this year's many new, cutting-edge, great selling tools, all designed to take your work to the next level! But, we understand there are many more great tools worthy of a Top Tools mention and we'd love to hear from you which ones those are!

Tools you couldn't live without

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