Tormek T-8 Original Sharpening System

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Key Features

  • The original and still the best wetstone sharpening system
  • Revolutionary fully cast housing for strength and accuracy
  • Micro adjustable for complete control of sharpening angle
  • Integral sleeves for support bar guarantees correct alignment
  • Screw lift rise and fall mechanism for water trough
  • Sharpens all types of steel, including high speed steel (HSS)
  • Includes upgraded SE-77 jig for precise 90° edges
  • 8 year warranty (5+3)
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A cut above the rest

Tormek machines are the most advanced water-cooled sharpening systems available, allowing you to sharpen your tools to the finest edge. The innovative design is appreciated worldwide for its unbeatable versatility, accuracy and ease of use.

Tormek T8 Machine

The T8 Original is a powerful and versatile water-cooled sharpening system that offers reliable and repeatable sharpening for all your edge tools.

Sharpen all your edge tools

Ideal for sharpening planes, blades and chisels. Even complicated shapes are easily re-sharpened. Suitable for all types of steel, including high speed steel (HSS).

Key features

Longer tool life

The Tormek wet-grinding method leaves a polished, burr-free edge without overheating the tool. The water acts as a coolant, meaning the temper of the steel is not affected whilst you sharpen, which significantly extends the life of your tools.

Fast and safe

Worn steel particles, produced when shaping, are washed into the water trough. This means only a fraction of steel is removed, which makes it a quick job. It also means the air is kept clear of grinding dust and no potentially hazardous sparks are produced.

Smart features

The advanced water trough features a screw lift mechanism. You can fit it, fill it and then, by simply turning the knob, raise the trough to bring the water into contact with the stone. Includes a magnetic scraper for efficient cleaning. For long tools, like chef's knives and planer blades, the enclosed water chute can be fitted to the trough.

Quality and performance

The strong, cast-alloy casing houses vital functions like the motor, main shaft and sleeves for the universal support mounts. This advanced design forms a strong foundation which guarantees minimal play and, therefore, provides the stability needed for precise shaping, sharpening and honing.

Exact replication

Patented universal support mounts (bars), which guide all jigs and accessories, can be mounted either horizontally or vertically providing the ideal set up for any tool or user. The mounts are integrated in this model's fully cast machine housing. Providing even a beginner the full control and maximum accuracy needed for repeatable results.

Full control

Powerful, maintenance-free, industrial motor (AC) and unique drive wheel ensures years of silent reliable operation. The motor is tested for a 25,000 hour service life. The motor is designed to run the full-size grinding wheel for continuous use - even under heavy load minimal rpm is lost.

Easy to set

The micro-adjust feature, with acme thread and scale, together with the AngleMaster means it’s easy to precisely set your edge angles for repeatedly consistent results.

Efficient and versatile

SG-250 Original Grindstone has been developed to combine efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and have a longer life. By using the SP-650 Stone Grader you can alternate the surface of the grinding wheel from a 220g coarse cut to a 1000g fine.

Cleanest edges

The sharpening process is finished by honing and polishing the edge on the leather wheel. The equivalent of 2,500-3,000g can be achieved. This leaves your tools with a razor-sharp edge so you're ready to produce your best work.

Invest in quality and performance

With a wide range of jigs and accessories available the Tormek T8 can be customised to suit your sharpening needs, making it the ultimate sharpening system. Investing in a Tormek machine means you’ll never have to put up with dull tools again.

Not sure which Tormek machine suits your needs?

Our guide makes it easy to compare the Tormek T-8 and T-4.

The Tormek T-8 sharpening system is the perfect answer to your sharpening requirements. For any professional or amateur needing a versatile, reliable and repeatable sharpening system, the T-8 should be on the top of your list. The T-8 has a 250mm x 50mm water-cooled grindstone and a 220mm x 31mm leather tyred honing wheel. Powered by a quiet 200W motor, Tormek’s unique and efficient drive system maintains constant speed, even under load. Tools can be sharpened with the Supergrind wheel cutting towards or away from the edge. The T-8 features a strong, cast-alloy casing. The mounting sleeves for the universal support are an integral part of the casting. The design eliminates the possibility of any misalignment between the universal support and the grinding wheel. The universal support bar has a micro-adjuster, which makes setting up or replicating a sharpening angle easy and highly accurate. The Advanced Water Trough features a screw lift mechanism. You can fit it, fill it and then by simply turning the knob, raise the trough to bring the water into contact with the stone. It makes removing the trough for emptying just as simple. The T-8 includes a magnetic scraper for efficient cleaning. The unit has an NVR safety switch with a strong waterproof cover. The T-8 is suitable for use in education and other areas where an NVR switch is a necessity. The T-8 includes TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool, SP-650 Stone Grader, WM-200 Angle Setting Guide, PA-70 Honing Paste and Dressing Oil for the honing wheel. In addition, there is a comprehensive handbook packed in a strong storage tray. The T-8 also includes the SE-77 upgraded jig for square edge tools. Its design has a movable side and fine adjustment. This ensures a precise 90° angle between your blade’s edge and side. It also offers the possibility to create a slightly cambered edge. The Tormek wet-grinding method leaves a polished, burr-free edge without overheating the tool. Wet grinding significantly extends the life of your tools; it removes less material without affecting the temper of the steel.

For more tips on sharpening please see Tormeks YouTube channel.

New 8 year warranty (5+3)
Introducing the new Tormek T-8 extended warranty of 5 years + 3 extra years upon registration.

Warranty Tormek 8 year Warranty, 5+3 (Registration Required)

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