Easy Wood Turning Tools

Easy Wood Tools offer a range of high quality, replaceable carbide tip cutter tools for the woodturner. Designed to make woodturning easy, their tools allow any woodturner to tackle all types of work with ease and confidence. Making tools that allow woodturners to have more time to relax, create, and enjoy their hobby. Not just for home users, Easy Wood Tools’ premium quality tools will help speed up every turner’s work, even the professionals. Their tools are 100% made in America and sold worldwide.

What makes them easy?

Simplifies the turning process

Each tool features a square section bar which makes turning easier and safer, ensuring the tool sits flat and steady on the tool rest. With the tool parallel to the floor and cutting at centre height, the risk of catches and snatches is virtually eliminated. There is no need to learn specific bevels or cutting angles to make your cuts; simply hold the tool and move it left or right to rough out, smooth or create coves or beads.

Easy Wood Tools

No need to sharpen

The replaceable carbide tips mean there is no need to purchase a bench grinder or a sharpening jig. When an edge becomes dull you simply slacken the fixing screw and turn to a fresh edge. Easy Wood Tools’ carbide keeps an edge at least ten times longer than HSS. In the case of the square and diamond cutters with four edges, you’ll get at least forty times more cutting time out of the tip.

Easy Wood Tools

Choose your project!

Available in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of size projects. These woodturning chisels can be used to turn dry or green wood and work equally as well on very hard woods, acrylics and resins. The negative rake tips work particularly well on acrylics, polyester, and resins, and produce a smooth finish on timber.  Plus, within each size range, the tools come with different coloured handles for quick and easy recognition.  

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Easy Wood Tools

100% made in America

Easy Wood Tools make their tools in its headquarters in Kentucky and the carbide tips in their own manufacturing plant in Illinois. This gives them complete control over the development and quality of their products.

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