One of the most popular turning queries we get is: "How do you make your own custom designed wood jaws?"

Well, we've turned to our turning experts to show you how to do so quickly and easily by using Axminster Wood Jaw Plates, increasing your potential and turning your skill level up a notch.


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Most of you will know well that if you're looking to remove spigots or recesses on a turned bowl it can be a tricky process, with the risk of leaving marks on your perfectly turned bowl. The four Axminster Wood Jaw Plates allow you to do this without the constraints of size or potential damage.

By providing a base for mounting custom wood jaws, they allow you to hold turned wood of any size, especially large items such as bowls, securely and with less distortion under tightening.

See how to make your custom wood jaws with our Skill Centre tutor and expert, Colwin Way