Woodworking is at the heart of everything we do, but engineering is in our bones. Axminster Tools began life 50 years ago when the founding family struggled to get tools for their engineering business and so they decided to open a tool shop. The focus quickly turned to woodworking but it wasn’t long before engineering became a key part of the business again, when in around 1986 Axminster Tools began manufacturing its own range of woodturning chucks. Fast forward several decades and we now stock more of our own manufactured products than any other brand.

Made in Axminster

Manufacturing at Axminster Tools has recently undergone significant investment, meaning we can design, develop and manufacture more products in-house than ever before. The journey to producing our own products started with just a few engineering machines. Now we run a state of the art manufacturing facility onsite at the company HQ in Axminster, Devon. We asked our product developers, engineers and the family behind the business to share this journey from the very beginning.

Products to last a lifetime

There are substantial benefits to manufacturing in-house; we have complete control over quality resulting in precise engineering and jaw dropping accuracy. We can be truly innovative with our designs, delivering new technologies that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe high quality engineering and manufacturing is what sets Axminster made products apart and woodworkers around the world agree. For us, it’s not always about offering the cheapest product, it’s about quality and innovation. We want our products to last a long time and, where possible, a lifetime.

What woodworkers say

Axminster Woodturning Chucks

The quality of manufacture shows through the moment you take it out of the box. Once on the lathe you really begin to see why you spent the extra money.

See our Chucks

Axminster Woodturning Evolution SK100 Chuck

Axminster Woodturning Chuck Jaws

Exactly what you expect from Axminster, the quality and engineering is superb.

See our Jaws

Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws

UJK Parf MKII Guide System

The design, machining, repeatability and accuracy on this jig is pure perfection.

UJK Universal Dovetail Jig

A professional tool and exceptional manufacturing.

UJK Super Dog

Great concept, design and engineering. Not many products are built to this high standard any more.

The future of manufacturing at Axminster Tools

Whilst we source products from all over the world, producing British manufactured products is important, and for us, made in Axminster is paramount. With the recent investment in manufacturing at Axminster Tools, there are a lot of exciting developments and innovative new products in the pipeline.