Easy Inlay woodworking materials means making jewellery has never been easier! This article shows you how to make a ring using simple tools and beautiful materials from the Easy Inlay range.

What is Easy Inlay?

Easy Inlay provides rare, exotic, high quality inlay supplies for professional and hobbyist woodworkers, woodturners, luthiers, jewellers, and many other artists and crafters.

Their unique and high-quality products provide a decorative finish often used in woodworking and crafting. Great for all skill levels, including beginners, their products add intricate designs, patterns or materials into the surface of a larger object.

All of the Easy Inlay materials are easy to sand over wood or ceramic, making finishing a breeze. These products are made from the sea and the earth: variations in colour or figure add to the natural aesthetic.

Make a ring with Easy Inlay

Join Colwin in our Woodworking Wisdom demo or follow our step by step guide below, to learn how to make a ring using Easy Inlay.

Fit the washer to the core

For this project you do not need a lathe. You can use simple tools to produce beautiful results.

Begin by tightening a tap washer, M8 bolt, washer and M8 nut, in place. 

Hold the bolt in a cordless drill, and with the drill running, sand the washer down to fit the ring core with abrasive stuck to a piece of MDF or ply. This can be done with double-sided sticky tape. 

When the washer is sized to the ring core, slip the core onto the washer and lightly tighten the nuts to squash out the washer. 

Here’s the ring core added to the washer. 

Add the Easy Inlay decoration

To add the decoration to the core, drill a 8mm hole in a piece of ply to be held in a vice. This will mean you can twist the bolt as you work around the ring and keep you hands-free while gluing up.  

Begin adding the pieces of Opal using a set of tweezers. This is a delicate process so take your time. Work your way around the ring core, adding glue as you go and using the glue to fill the gaps. 

Finish the ring

When the glue has fully cured, put back into the drill and start sanding the ring down. 

Once the ring is sanded to size work through the finer grades, then onto Micro mesh with water to get a glass-like finish.

Finish the ring with CA glue, adding a little to a tissue and wiping onto the ring as the drill turns. Do this multiple times applying thin coats. 

Finish by removing the ring from the drill and bolt.

Share your pics

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More than just rings

There is so much you can make with the Easy Inlay range. With the Easy Inlay Metal Leaf, Paua Abalone and Mother of Pearl Strips, the possibilities for crafting is endless. Read our article on the full range here.

Watch Colwin's Woodworking Wisdom demo where he shows you how to embellish a hanging bauble using Easy Inlay's metal leaf.