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Woodcut joins Colwin on the show!

Dan Hewitt, owner of Woodcut Tools, joins Colwin on Woodworking Wisdom to discuss all things Woodcut! As well as discussing the Max 4 Bowlsaver, they'll explore other turn favourites as well as answering some of your most common questions!

Woodcut History

The New Zealand company was first founded in 1990 by Ken Port. Frustrated with the woodturning tools available to him, Ken set out to design and develop a collection of woodturning products. He designed the tools primarily for his own use but also with the help of fellow turners who assisted him with feedback to refine the design.
This was Ken’s approach for almost 20 years before he gained the confidence to make his products available for any woodturner. His main mission was to make turning as easy as possible for turners to enjoy the experience. With their expertise in woodturning, today Woodcut has evolved into a leading product design and manufacturing company delivering premium products that enhance your turning experience.

Woodcut Max 4 Bowl Saver

Safe, solid, and simple to use, the Max 4 Bowlsaver bowl coring system takes bowl turning to another level. Conveniently, it allows you to produce up to four bowls from just one blank. The bowl coring system saves you time, money and waste, creating bowls not shavings. Discover more of Woodcut's genius tools here.

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