Holding your work correctly on the lathe is a crucial part of ensuring you get the best results for your woodturning project. But, with so many woodturning chucks, jaws and accessories to choose from it can be a daunting decision to know which is right for your project.

In this helpful series of videos, Jason talks about all things jaws. From their manufacture, through to the major advantages that each jaw can have for the work that you’re doing and how to load your jaws on the chuck. Jason helps breakdown the woodturning system to give you a better understanding of which woodturning jaws you need for the work you’re doing.

Part 1 - Introduction to the Axminster Woodturning System

We kickstart our series of videos with an introduction to our Axminster Woodturning System. Starting with a brief overview of our woodturning chucks and where our woodturning accessories are manufactured, Jason then goes on to introduce the types of woodturning jaws we have to offer. Kicking off with our C Jaws, he also tells us more about how to load your jaws on the chuck and how to grip your workpiece.

Part 2 - Overview of our woodturning jaws

In our next video, Jason breaks down the range of woodturning jaws we have available. From the Spigot Jaws to the Dovetail and the Gripper Jaws, Jason gives us a detailed overview of what jaws are suitable for the project you're turning.

Part 3 - A breakdown of our specialist woodturning jaws

In the last of the series, Jason takes a look at the specialist jaws we have to offer. Starting with the O'Donnell Jaws, Jason then goes on to tell us more about the Cylinder and Piranha Jaws explaining what the advantages are of each.

Want to see more?

We hope you've enjoyed learning about our wide range of woodturning accessories! If you'd like to learn more about our Axminster Chucks, why not take a look at this helpful guide, where we break down the chucks we have to offer! For more advice on which accessories you need for your project contact our Specialist Sales Team on 0800371822 or email sales@axminster.co.uk.