Axminster Woodturning Twist & Fix - It's all in the name

Axminster Woodturning now offer the innovative woodturning accessory which converts your lathe into a polishing machine in seconds. Supplied in two parts: an Adaptor threaded to fit your lathe and a detachable 'Twist & Fix' Mop Arbor.

'Twist & Fix' by name 'Twist & Fix' by nature; one twist and the Arbor locks on the Adaptor. With both parts secured in place, you can use it to complete a range of polishing and sharpening tasks. From polishing wood, metal, plastic to cleaning up and removing rust from metal, the easy to use tool adds versatility and capacity to your lathe.

Key features

Space saving

When space is limited and you're looking for ways to double your space, the Twist & Fix is just what you're looking for. With this clever tool, you can complete a variety of tasks directly on your lathe, saving you space that would otherwise be needed to fit another machine.

Quick to attach

The Adaptor screws directly onto your lathe's headstock making it quick and easy to attach.

Quick to switch

The Arbor features a unique Twist & Fix design that with a simple push and twist will secure it in place and allow you to instantly switch between mops, felt wheels, and profiling wheels.

Speed up the process even more

Best practice is to use a separate mop for each different grade of polishing compound. Additional mop arbors are available at Axminster Tools which allow you to mount a variety of mops, felt wheels, and profiling wheels. With the quick-switch attachments, you can ensure an efficient and fast polishing process. Shop the mop arbors and range of attachments here.

Control the speed

Unlike standard pigtail polishing machines, the Twist & Fix offers multiple advantages; as well as being able to run the lathe in reverse, you can also control the speed to suit the work you're doing and reduce heat build-up.

More than just a polishing mop...

Although primarily designed for polishing, when used with our range of mop attachments,  it can also be used for sharpening tools like carving chisels and removing rust from metal.

Made in Axminster, UK

Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in our state of the art manufacturing facility right here in Axminster, UK


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