The workshop on the move

Whether you’re working on the construction site or at home, Festool’s new MW 1000 Set comprises a flexible worktop and safe storage for your machines, hand tools and accessories. Want to learn more? Read our helpful guide where we take a look at some of the advantages of the mobile workshop and how it will help you to work more efficiently.


  • Firstly, with a flexible worktop and storage facilities to house your machines, accessories and hand tools, the Festool MW 1000 Set offers a quick, customised set-up. The stable worktop comprises perforated top and aluminum profile to offer flexible clamping and attachment options.
  • Secondly, the set takes advantage of some of the most popular 'Organisation and transport systems'. This includes the SYS-Cart roll board for quick transportation of Systainers and SYS roller with roll board and hand cart function. It combines these with popular elements from Festool's 'Semi-stationary work' including the MFT 3 Multifunction table and accessories.
  • Next, if your customer cannot visit your workshop, simply take the workshop to them. In just a few steps, the compact yet sophisticated unit transforms into a stable and robust workplace. For convenience, there is direct access to everything you need in a matter of seconds.
  • Finally, there's an optional customised extension; just add multiple multifunction tables and Systainer pull-out drawers to create an extended work surface. This is ideal if the worktop and storage area you have isn't large enough.

Product Details

  • Another significant advantage of the Festool MW 1000 is that everything fits together making it the ideal connection to the Festool Systainer system. Just as accessible; all accessories for the MFT multifunction table.
  • Furthermore, it offers simple transportation between your vehicle, workshop or construction site. The handle with an adjustable angle, sliding surfaces and recessed grip on the pan makes for extra easy loading by just one person.
  • Next, thanks to its large fully rubber-lined and shock-resistant wheels, the Festool MW 1000 Set is easy to manoeuvre up and down stairs.
  • What's more, its low weight and compact dimensions makes it simple to assemble/disassemble. This saves you time and effort.
  • Lastly, it's straightforward to stow the Systainer and table securely for safe transport and there's no risk of slipping during transportation.

Discover more...

Festool fans missed the MFT Fixing Set so much, they just had to bring it back. An ideal supplement to MFT 3 and MW 1000 Mobile Workshop, the new and improved SYS-MFT-FX Set consists of various stops, clamps and clamping elements, all designed to make your life easier. It’s perfect for quick and flexible clamping and securing of workpieces with a wide variety of thicknesses and shapes. This makes it suitable for all sanding, planing, drilling and gluing tasks.

Alternatively, if you need to produce highly accurate and strong cabinets and joinery items simply and quickly the Festool DOMINO DF 500 connector set is a great investment. The new basic structure and furniture connectors are extremely versatile and provide for a very large range of applications. Ideal for use in the workshop, at home or on site.

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