Festool mobile dust extractors - what's new?

Fantastic innovative details

Festool has added new and better features to all NEW CT 26, 36 and 48 mobile dust extractors. Virtually all Festool mobile dust extractors now come supplied with a new, smooth suction hose. Some models also include the new SYS-DOCK with cable holder and T-LOC function so that you can get to work straight away.

Just a selection of new extractors

New smooth, suction hose

Thanks to its smooth exterior and tapered design, the new hose reduces friction making it perfect for sliding over edges. It also increases air flow rate for improved suction and faster progress with your work. For improved handling and a longer service life, the inside of the hose is slightly corrugated.

For a secure fit on the tool, the new CLEANTEC extraction sleeve with integrated bayonet fitting is the perfect solution. There’s now no chance of the suction hose slipping off the power tool due to the reliable connection. This saves you time and any inconvenience.

Anti static hose

Finally, the new hose is interchangeable with the old style dust extractors. For convenience, the hose can plugged into the inlet of the older style machines.

Simple transportation, better organisation

Thanks to the new cable holder, the cable can be quickly and neatly wound up and tidied away. This also means there’s no need to waste time frantically unwinding the cable when you need to use the extractor.

Another key benefit is that the hose is much more flexible. You can effortlessly bend it in whatever direction you want. This makes it simple to coil the hose into a hose garage or SYSTAINER for clean transportation.

You can also transform two hoses into a single long one by connecting the initial piece and end piece of two suction hoses. Moreover, the two pieces slot together for transport - this keeps any remaining dust in the hose.

These practical features help improve workplace organisation and minimise the clear up process. The optimised SYS-DOCK with cable holder and updated T-LOC function makes it easy to safely connect SYSTAINERs to the mobile dust extractor.

Connecting a SYSTAINER to the extractor

Innovative Bluetooth technology

On all compatible Festool mobile dust extractors, the control panel includes provision for retrofitting a Bluetooth module (optional accessory). A qualified electrician should carry out the fitting. A remote control on the suction hose activates the extractor. This allows you to remotely operate your extractor wherever you are, without needing to change the dust extractor mode from AUTO to Manual.

Bluetooth remote control

The innovative Bluetooth technology works with cordless tools in conjunction with a Bluetooth battery pack. For convenience, the mobile dust extractors start up automatically when Festool cordless tools with Bluetooth battery packs are switched on. This saves you time and energy as there is no need to keep going back and forth to the extractor to switch it on and off.

Festool bluetooth-capable battery pack

Overall, the introduction of new Bluetooth-capable battery packs extends Festool’s range of compatible batteries. Collectively along with the latest updates and additions, the new products represent real progress in cordless and cleaner work.

SERVICE all-inclusive warranty cover

The new Festool mobile dust extractors are covered by the Festool SERVICE all-inclusive warranty cover. If something is faulty, any repairs will be free of charge. This includes labour, spare parts and all wear parts for 36 months. This doesn't just apply to tools but also for battery packs and chargers too.

Most noteworthy, the warranty cover also includes 36 months of theft protection. In the event of a theft from your vehicle or site you are covered with a one-time excess charge of £100 inc. VAT per tool.

Benefit from us registering your tool!*

When you buy a Festool mobile dust extractor from Axminster we will register your product on your behalf. You must give your consent and be registered in the United Kingdom. For peace of mind, our customer service team are here to make the process as straightforward as possible. You also have the choice to opt out and do it yourself. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Designed with you in mind

In conclusion, Festool mobile dust extractors make your work less stressful, more comfortable and even faster than before. Ergonomic, powerful, and extremely robust, it’s now possible to achieve more in less time, and more safely thanks to the new range of products released this month.

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