EcoPoxy - the go to epoxy for woodworkers, woodturners, crafters and more...

EcoPoxy offers an eco-friendly alternative to other epoxy resins on the market. Suitable for an array of crafts, the range of innovative epoxies is perfect for creating your own river tables, woodturning resin art and much, much more.

The environmentally friendly range of epoxies are manufactured by EcoPoxy; a leader in the research and development of high bio content epoxy resins. The safe, environmentally friendly range are low odour, plant based epoxies that are 100% solid and require no ventilation when using.

Natural Innovations

EcoPoxy offer bio-based, non-toxic epoxies which are an environmentally friendly alternative to other epoxy resins on the market. All over the world, customers are using EcoPoxy to create, build and beautify the space around them.

Versatile Creations

The eco-friendly epoxies empower you to imagine the possibilities, to create something out of nothing, to explore what is possible, to create a natural and versatile surface that allows you to find the artist in yourself.

The EcoPoxy range...

Flowcast® Casting Resin - perfect for thick pours!

FlowCast® is a casting epoxy resin that looks like liquid glass. When the two parts are combined, it hardens to a crystal clear, durable finish to a maximum thickness of 1.5". Use FlowCast® epoxy by itself for a crystal clear finish or pigments can be added to create custom colours and effects.

  • No toxic organic compounds or heavy metals
  • 100% solids, low VOC, low odour
  • Crystal clear, high gloss
  • Self-levelling
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent air release quantities
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Impact resistant

UVPoxy Coating Resin - coat and protect your surfaces with a crystal clear thin pour.

UVPoxy is a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates and magnifies the material below it. Perfect for coating, bonding and more. The formulation produces a crystal clear, durable finish that resists yellowing, fading and cracking over time. As an ideal solution for woodworkers, artists and craftspeople, the UVPoxy Kit is a professional quality, high-performance epoxy system that is UV stable.

  • 100% solids
  • Crystal clear, high build finish
  • Self-levelling, high gloss
  • Extremely durable
  • U.V. Resistance
  • Excellent air release qualities
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Wets out substrates well
  • Impact resistant
  • Improves surface appearance

GloPoxy - the most powerful photo-luminescence available

GloPoxy is a glow-in-the-dark epoxy made with high-grade photo-luminescent ingredients that make sure your epoxy glows as bright as it can for as long as it can. The formula absorbs light as energy and releases this energy when placed in the dark. Durable, UV stable and resistant to chemicals, water and abrasion, it can glow for hours! Use GloPoxy on virtually any surface either indoors or outdoors.

Colour Pigment Dyes - add some colour to your epoxies

The Colour Pigment Dyes provides a rich and vibrant pigmenting solution for EcoPoxy products. The advanced tint properties allow you to do more with less when compared to other pigments. They’re easy to mix together and if you’re looking for something different why not have a go at mixing multiple dyes together!

EcoPoxy Metallic Pigment - create pearlescent and iridescent effects

Metallic Colour Pigments are special effect pigments composed of mica nanoparticles coated with various organic and inorganic colours. This creates pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations. Blend EcoPoxy Metallic Colour Pigments with EcoPoxy or similar resins to produce an unlimited array of custom effects. The pigmentation of the underlying colours will also influence their translucent nature. With the natural stone appearance, these extremely durable colour pigments are suitable for many environments.

Available in the colours below:

EcoPoxy Colour Glitter - make your world sparkle

Also available are 12 unique glitter colours; precisely cut from premium vacuum-metalised polyester film, the colour glitters are compatible with EcoPoxy Resins. They can be blended to create a lustrous look that enhances your project and compliments your decor.

EcoPoxy Colour Glitter - Yellow 15g
Special Price £7.98 £6.65 was £10.98 £9.15 Save £3.00 £2.50
EcoPoxy Colour Glitter - Red 15g
Special Price £7.98 £6.65 was £10.98 £9.15 Save £3.00 £2.50

Discover Lizard Blanks resin and casting moulds

Casting your own blanks gives you full control over colour, effects and even encapsulating other objects in the resin! Lizard Blanks use UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) plastic in the construction of these superior resin-casting moulds. This material is highly wear resistant and allows the easy removal of a cured casting.

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Resin and casting moulds

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