Add the wow factor to your work and turn every piece into a work of art with the Nick Agar Signature Series of expert finishes from Chroma Craft.

Innovators of premium colourants, paints, and casting materials for more than 20 years, Chroma Craft finishes are a must have for professional and amateur artists and crafters, alike.

Based in Georgia, USA, Chroma Craft is passionate about bringing artists and craftspeople of all abilities the very best in craft paint finishes. They offer an extensive range of products, from resins and tints to stencils, dyes and metallic paints. But the jewel in its crown is a collection of unique finishing products, developed with world renowned woodturner, Nick Agar.

About Nick

Originally from the UK, Nick now runs his own successful and popular woodturning studio in Georgia, running demonstrations and woodturning classes. He is known the world over for his woodturning prowess and has more than 30 years experience. He specialises in hollow forms, large diameter work, and surface enhancement and his award-winning work often incorporates carving and airbrushing ceramic and metal effects.

A collaboration with Chroma Craft has seen him develop the Nick Agar Signature Series of finishes, which he often demonstrates to turners and crafters around the world.

Nick Agar

About the range

Chroma Craft Product Group

The Nick Agar Signature Series is an innovative range of craft finishes that allows artisans to take their finishing to a whole new level.

The range seeks to bring out the fine details and highlight the piece’s best features with specially crafted paints, gilts and rust effect finishes, that will set your work apart. And what’s more, they can be used on a range of materials from wood, metal, plastic, glass and ceramic, meaning the possibilities to turn any piece of work into a piece of art, is endless.

The range focuses on finishing products that create unique aging effects including rusted objects or aged metallic artefacts.

Aging gracefully with Rustina™

This unique paint ageing system will definitely give your workpieces the wow factor. This water-based paint system is easy to use and creates the look of ancient corroded metal on almost any material. Turn any project into a rusted artefact with this simple four step paint system.

Rust and corrosion effect

Step 1. Choose a primer - choose either a Gun Metal Grey or Black Primer or textured primer Road Rash. Road Rash is a grit like undercoat that gives your workpiece a gnarly, corroded iron effect and can instantly transform one material into an aged piece of metal.

Applying Rustina Primer

Step 2. Next apply your chosen metallic paint - Choose either copper, bronze or iron for the specific metal result you are looking to achieve. The metallic paints contain real metal particles, which when activated, using the Chroma Craft Rustina™ Aging Solution, will create a rusted, aged effect.

Applying rustina

Step 3. Apply the Rustina™ Aging Solution -  Spray, brush, sponge or dab on the aging solution to the wet metallic paint and wait. Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity the change can take 20 minutes to a couple of hours. The finish produces actual patina or rust, in various shades, to provide a realistic aged effect. There are two colours available, either a blue-green colour for a verdigris effect, or use brown-rust for a more traditional rusted effect.

Rustina aging solution

Step 4. Finish with a top coat of Chroma Craft Sealer WRU-20, for a long lasting protective finish. It offers a tough, chemical-resistant finish that is easy to apply and offers outstanding durability and adhesion.

Enhance with Chroma-Gilt™

Use Chroma-Gilt™ metallic finish to make features pop and give an aged, metallic effect.

A little goes a long way, and can simply be wiped over the workpiece to give an effortless and beautiful finish.

Using gloves, gently rub a small amount over the surface of the object, highlighting textures and features, and watch as your painted object transforms into a metallic masterpiece.

The metallic effect paste can be used for decorating a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, leather, and ceramics. It contains real metal pigments for the most realistic metallic finish available.

Chroma-Gilt™ is available in a range of colours including Saxon Gold, Viking Silver, Antique Brass and Celtic Copper as well as Verdigris for a rusted effect.

For best results, finish with Chroma Craft Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer for enhanced gloss and protection.

Get creative with Chroma Craft stencils

Create simple and effective coloured patterns and textures on your designs with the Chroma Craft Peel-Off and Infil™ stencils.

Chroma Craft has worked closely with Nick to design and produce a range of peel-off, reusable stencils that will help develop your creativity and replicate some of Nick’s artistic flair.

The stencil material is specially designed to use with low saturation solvent or acrylic paints. They are self-adhering and made from a flexible, translucent film that can be used on complex shapes, and can be repositioned easily.

Simply peel off from the backing sheet and apply to the surface that you want to colour and let your creativity flow! Use any combination of techniques, including airbrush, dauber or roller, with Chroma Craft dyes, paints and markers to create your desired designs and effects. And what’s more, they are reusable so they can be used again and again.

Each stencil pack contains both positive and negative images meaning there are endless opportunities for creativity.

Nick has also designed a series of Infil™ stencils to create effects on their own, or use alongside the peel-off stencils to create patterns, textures and creative design effects. Place the Infil™ stencil over the window of the peel-off stencil and use colours to layer and develop textured surface designs. Examples include leaves, butterflies and fish among others patterns.

The Chroma Craft Infil™ stencils are also reusable.

Add colour to your resin projects

Add a splash of colour to your resin projects with Chroma Craft’s range of Resin Tints for epoxy and polyester resin. They are also fully compatible with EcoPoxy resin.

These tints are highly concentrated with a small amount required to achieve colourful results. Tailor the amount of tint for the effect you want to create, whether transparent or opaque. Blend the colors to produce any shade desired or combine with Chroma Craft’s pearlescents, glows or glitters for even brighter colors.
With 16 colours to choose from you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to creating your resin designs.

The tints come ready to use and they mix well, easily diffusing into the resin giving a uniform colour.

Chroma Craft Resin Tints

Highlight details with Liquid Wood Dyes and Markers

Colour your wood while maintaining its natural grain with Chroma Craft’s transparent coloured Liquid Wood Dyes from the Nick Agar Signature range.

Available in 15 brilliant colours, the fast drying, spirit based dyes are UV stable so won’t fade over time. They also include pure shellac to give a more uniform coverage and help to seal the wood.

Use them creatively; brushed for complete coverage, dabbed for a marbled effect or sprayed with an airbrush. These dyes are so versatile you can use them as single colours or mix them together. They can also be applied on top of one another for stunning effects.

Also available in the range are Wood Dye Marker Pens. Use to add colour to small areas with precise lines or shading, or use to add a touch of colour to those all important details.

They can be used on the lathe to colour textured surfaces while leaving the recessed part untouched, bringing your designs to life.

The markers have a hard chisel tip that helps to apply the dye where it is needed minimising bleeding.

Viking Sunset Bowl™ Kit

One of the things that Nick Agar is most known for, is his infamous Viking Sunset Bowl.

With intricate carved details, beautiful sunset colours and a silver gilt finish, it is a stunning addition to any home.

Here, Nick has developed a kit which will enable you to easily recreate your own. All you need to do is add the bowl!

The kit includes Nick Agar Signature Series Wood Dyes in Yellow, Orange, Coral Red and Black to achieve those sunset colour effects, and a clear sealer for extra protection.  The Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer provides the high-gloss finish required to show off the vivid sunset colours.

Included also is Nick’s Chroma-Gilt™ Viking Silver. Finish off with WRU-20, designed to protect the Chroma-Gilt™ without causing the colour to change, while providing a rich satin luster.


If it’s maximum creativity you are after, and are looking to create new, interesting and unique effects, then the Nick Agar Signature Series of finishes from Chroma Craft has plenty to offer. The only question is, where will your creativity take you?

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