Festool with you, everyday: Richard's story

Richard uses the Festool system and dust extraction in his workshop and confirms that they are central to his workshop. There is no atmospheric dust or wood chips when working with people standing next to each other. Everyone is protected and the space is kept tidy. Richard provides all his students exclusively with this leading power tool brand. Want to know Richard's favourites for the River Shop?

I started woodworking about 16 years ago and ended up teaching in Woolwich and started running the workshops four or five years ago...

What Richard enjoys most, is teaching people the basics to give them the opportunity to be creative. Teaching, being your own boss and being organised provides Richard with a perfect work-life balance.

I have a lot of students come in that have small workshops giving compliments about all the tools on the shelves, but I am yet to meet anyone as enthusiastic as me about Festool. I hope to pass the enthusiasm to my students.

With the Festool Systainer system, it keeps me organised and everything is put away in the workshop and you're home on time - even if it's not a power tool, it is stowed away in a Systainer with the SYS roll, doesn't even break a sweat.

Work life balance is absolutely essential because when you come home you want to be 100% present.

I started using Festool for its durability. On the construction site I saw tools breaking almost every day. Festool was different. My first few purchases were the track saw and a dust extractor. This was to keep clients happy and have a safe working environment.

Richard Wagner

Richard's Festool favourites

Festool DOMINO XL DF 700

Festool DOMINO XL DF 700 EQ-Plus Jointing Machine Set

"The domino was the biggest woodworking innovation in generations. It was a tool I incorporated into as many projects as I could as soon as I got one."

Festool BHC 18 Li Cordless SDS+ Hammer Drill 18V

Festool BHC 18 Li Cordless SDS+ Hammer Drill 18V

"I never thought a cordless SDS would cut it. Let alone such a small one. Now, I couldn't imagine ever having to plug an SDS drill into the wall again."

Festool ETSC 125 LI-BASIC Eccentric Sander 18V & 230V

Festool ETSC 125 LI-BASIC Eccentric Sander 18V & 230V

"I think the nicest thing about this sander is how comfortable it is to hold whilst using it. You're not really holding the sander, rather you guide it along with your hand while it stands."

Festool TSC 55 KEB Plunge Saw 18V

Festool TSC 55 KEB Plunge Saw 18V

"I have found the cordless track saw to be more powerful than the mains powered one. I'm not sure how to quantify that, but it just feels like it has more torque and oomph."

Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CTL MIDI

Festool CLEANTEC CTL MIDI Mobile Dust Extractor

"The extractor inside a Systainer means we have multiple students all sanding, constantly, within a close distance of each other and almost entirely dust free. That's why I have 5 five them!"

Festool SYS-RB Systainer Roll Board

Festool SYS-RB Systainer Roll Board

“These are so nice to have in the workshop just to shuffle your tool collection around!”

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