Top Tools of 2023 and Future Favourites for 2024.

Woodworking tools are becoming more innovative and inspiring each year, and 2023 was no exception. Amongst the cutting-edge designs, we also have updated classic tools and no-fuss products made with quality and care.

Take a look at which tools stood out for us this year and gather inspiration for where your workshop will take you next.

Price Drop

Axminster Workshop AW2606B Bandsaw - 230V
Special Price £629.98 £524.98 was £849.98 £708.32 Save £220.00 £183.33
UJK Universal Dovetail Jig
From £379.98 £316.65
UJK Parf Mk II Guide System
From £199.98 £166.65
Sjöbergs Elite 2000 Workbench
From £1,999.98 £1,666.65
Axminster Workshop AW2606B Bandsaw 230V

Axminster Workshop AW2606B Bandsaw 230V

Axminster Workshop bandsaws have been tried and tested by experts, so you can utilise the equipment your projects deserve. The AW2606B's large cast iron table coupled with a large capacity makes this a very versatile machine. Its powerful alloy-bodied motor with a multi v drive transfers maximum power to the blade for accurate and vibration-free cuts. The backbone of any home workshop.

UJK Universal Dovetail Jig

UJK Universal Dovetail Jig

Designed, developed and tested by our experts here at Axminster Tools, UJK can be relied upon for accuracy and precision, every time. The UJK Universal Dovetail Jig encompasses this and more. Straight out of the box, the UJK Universal Dovetail Jig gives you the choice of producing six different joints, with unrivalled accuracy!

Axminster Woodturning Evolution SK114 Chuck Package

Axminster Evolution SK114 Chuck Package T38

Time and time again, the Axminster Woodturning Evolution SK114 Chuck has proven to be the best in the market. Its revolutionary design, stainless steel body and compatibility with all of our most extensive range of jaws and accessories has made it a staple tool for woodturners across the world. It's a smooth, fast, clean chuck plus it comes with Axminster Woodturning Lifetime Guarantee.

UJK Parf Mk II Guide System

UJK Parf Guide System MKII

Winner of the King’s Award for Enterprise 2023 in the innovation category, the UJK Parf MK II Guide System is a cutting-edge tool which allows you to create a portable workstation, custom MFT (multifunction table) or portable cutting board in under 30 minutes! A true leader of design and a must-have for your workshop.

Rider 6 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set Hornbeam Handle

Rider 6 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set

Everyone should have a set of these Rider Bevel Edge chisels in their toolkit, not just the cabinet makers. These chisels have traditional hornbeam handles that feel comfortable in all hand sizes. As well as having a superior grind that allows for better access to tight spots, such as the corners of dovetails. A modern classic! 

Sjobergs Elite 2000 Workbench

Sjobergs Elite 2000 Workbench

Designed and built by Swedish craftsmen Sjöbergs Elite range of benches are constructed in European beech, renowned for their toughness and longevity. They're heavier than similar models, which aids its rigidity, and two quality vices and double rows of bench holes allow the most complex of jobs to be undertaken. A bench worthy of any professional workshop.

Tormek T-8 Original Sharpening System

Tormek T-8 Original Sharpening System

Tormek machines are one of the most advanced water-cooled sharpening systems, sharpening your tools to the finest edge possible. The innovative design has unbeatable versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. If you need a reliable and repeatable sharpening system, the T-8 should be at the top of your list.

Axminster Workshop No. 5 Jack Plane

Axminster Workshop No. 5 Jack Plane

The Axminster Workshop No.5 Jack Plane is a hardworking classic.  The go-to plane for initial stock removal and squaring edges, along with an adjustable frog allowing you to close the plane’s mouth for fine work. Sturdy and comfortable to use, the No. 5 Jack Plane is equally at home in the hobby or professional workshop.

New tools for 2024

Running into 2024 with these products ahead of us will make for a very exciting year ahead.

UJK Professional Woodworkers Marking Squares

Woodworking squares with engineering accuracy, they will no doubt be a firm staple in every workshop. The perfect accuracy of the UJK Woodworker’s Marking Squares will ensure you save time and have an array of different uses compared to simpler, standard woodworker’s squares.  Available in three sizes, 150mm, 250mm, 350mm. 

Festool CSC SYS 50 EBI-Basic Cordless Table Saw 18V (Body Only)

FESTOOL CSC SYS 50 EBI-Basic Cordless Table Saw

The Festool 18V range offers innovative solutions for cordless power tools, with CSC SYS 50 table saw being no exception.  Be completely mobile and take the table saw, packed into its systainer, with you wherever your project is.  With a brushless EC-TEC motor and a 2 x 18V dual battery system, it's as powerful as a mains saw.

Axminster Woodturning Pen Trimmer & Reamer Set

Axminster Woodturning Pen Trimmer & Reamer Set

The Axminster Woodturning Pen Trimmer and Reamer Set is an essential tool for creating precise, custom-made pens and pencils, by helping prep the blank and brass insert tube with accuracy, achieving perfect end results every time with no gaps.

Arbortech Mini Carver MKII

Arbortech Mini Carver MKII 1000W

Take your power carving up to the next level and enjoy smoother carving, low vibration, lower noise and longer tool life. The new 1000W carver from Arbortech is capable of rough shaping to sculpting, texturing, and sanding. Its narrow extended neck offers greater access to small areas.  Perfect tool for medium to small sculptures, carvings and adding details.

UJK Compact Multifunction Workbench

UJK Compact Multifunction Workbench

The UJK Compact Multifunction Workbench allows you to work on a quality surface, even when you don’t have access to a full-size bench. What's more, you can work on-site, from the back of the van or in many other situations with ease. It features a 20mm dog hole grid that's perfect to use with many UJK accessories,  a great addition to the UJK collection.

Easy Inlay

Easy Inlay | Woodworking Inlay Supplies

Easy Inlay offers high-quality, exotic inlay materials created from sea and earth, as well as accessories for woodworkers, woodturners, jewellers and more. Allowing you to create high-quality, decorative finishes for your woodwork creations with natural and eye-catching designs.

Veritas Box-Maker’s Plough Plane

Veritas Box-Maker’s Plough Plane

The Veritas Box-Makers Plough Plane has been specifically designed for the precision woodworker creating boxes and small drawers. Excelling at grooves, rebates and decorative beads on small workpieces. It's compact, comfortable and lightweight allowing you to find the edges of your designs and push beyond them.

Axminster Professional AP254SB Table Saw

Axminster Professional AP254SB Table Saw 230V

We've designed the AP254SB Table Saw with a busy, professional workshop in mind, built with strength and capacity at its core. A workhorse but also packed with innovative features, as well as fitting into smaller workshops. Output quality is of an exceptionally high standard and you'll be able to count on this machine for years to come.

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