Router Table Accessories - Our Top Picks

Dust extraction box

First of all, dust extraction from a router table can be difficult. For it to work effectively it needs to extract from both above and below the table. The UJK Technology Dust Extraction Box captures nearly all routing debris and features a 100mm diameter outlet on the back incorporating a 62mm inlet and hose which enables extraction from both above and below the table simultaneously. There's also an easy-access door on the front with a magnetic catch for quick height adjustments. Designed to fit the UJK Technology Professional and Compact router tables and other custom-made tables of your own design.

Router table fence

Next, a router table fence is an integral part of any router table. Providing a straight reference surface they directly influence the results on the cuts that you make. When you have long outfeed and infeed faces, the router table fence serves as a guide, keeping the stock into and away from the bit. They're also one of the router table accessories that are highly regarded when it comes to safety. The UJK Technology Professional Router Table Fence comes complete with a transparent 63mm dust port for efficient extraction from above the table. Also supplied is an adjustable clear guard to keep your fingers safe. The adjustable infeed and outfeed fences can be opened and closed to the diameter of the cutter in use. A T-slot at the top and front of the fence makes it easy to add accessories. Designed to fit UJK Technology router tables.

Router table fence


When it comes to simple yet effective router table accessories, featherboards are a great choice. Featherboards hold the wood against the fence and the table and ensure that your workpiece doesn't move about when routing. What's more, they add another element of safety as they help to keep your fingers away from the router cutter. They feature adjustable, anti kickback fingers which serve as springs. This prevents any movement or bounce back, reducing the risk of injury. For additional safety in your workshop, it's advisable to set up a number of featherboards against the table and the fence.

Router table featherboards

No Volt Release (NVR) switch

An NVR switch allows you to take full control of your router. The simple device means you no longer need to reach under the table to turn the router on and off. Simply mount the 230V switch onto your router table and plug your router or saw into the 13A socket. Next, switch your machine on and then plug the NVR switch into a convenient power outlet socket (1.5m cable included). Axminster's top quality and versatile NVR switch with a built-in 13A power socket allows you to remotely operate power tools such as routers and circular saws when mounted in tables.

Push stick

A push stick comes with an angled shoe that is long and holds the workpiece in place. This makes it ideal for narrow pieces of wood that need to be routed. The heel on the push stick keeps the wood piece against the fence and the table simultaneously. This router table accessory let's you push your stock all the way past the bit without compromising the quality of the cuts that are made. The pressure applied on the wood piece will maintain smooth and consistent cuts making it a very effective accessory for your router table.

Insert plates

To get the most from your router table, an insert plate is a great addition to your collection of router table accessories. The UJK Technology 10mm aluminium router table insert with universal base is designed to fit the UJK Technology cast iron, phenolic or MDF router table tops. It is unusual in that it features a circular universal base attached to the underside of the plate with four machine screws. The pre-drilled base accommodates many different types of router. This means that you are able to mount your router easily without the need to drill the insert plate.

Router table universal base

Insert discs

Router table insert discs provide greater stability across the router table. They also help to reduce the hole size which improves the extraction. To ensure the greatest levels of safety and reduce the likelihood of wood chips flying about, it is important to select the insert disc depending on the size of the cutter you're using. For convenience the discs are available in a variety of sizes as well as a blank insert so you can create your own custom hole size.

Router elevator

Finally, a router elevator is a fantastic addition to our list of router table accessories. The main advantage of the router elevator is that it allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the height of the cutter from above the router table. This means you no longer need to reach underneath the table to adjust the router each time you use it. The locking mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the router and securely lock it in any position. Routers can either attached directly to the router elevator or with the use of the supplied adaptor plate. This router table accessory is a great time saver especially if you regularly change the depth of cut.

In conclusion, we've selected a handful of simple, yet very useful, router table accessories that will make the ultimate difference in the accuracy of your cutting. As with everything in life, personal preference and what you want to achieve from your router table is a huge deciding factor in what you choose but we hope you've enjoyed reading about some of our favourite router table accessories.

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