Looking for a woodturning challenge, then why not try your hand at turning Banksia nuts? 

But what are Banksia nuts? A Banksia nut is actually a seed pod from the Banksia plant which grows in Australia.

Banksia nuts take several years to mature and are hard and solid. They feature seed cavities around the exterior, which when turned provide beautiful detail, similar to a walnut burr, which makes it attractive to turners.  

They are also easy to turn, but eye protection and dust mask must be worn, as seeds can fly out while turning.  

Project ideas using Banksia nuts? 

Australian Banksia nuts are commonly used by woodturners to craft ornamental items such as bud vases, small hollow forms, Christmas decorations. Or they can be sliced and polished as coasters. 

Join Colwin in our Woodworking Wisdom demo where he shows you how to combine epoxy resin with your banksia nut to create decorative and attractive, ornamental pieces. Or follow our step by step guide on turning Resin and Banksia nut apples.

Other turning materials 

Tired of turning timber and want to try something new to spice up your turning, then why not try some alternative materials for a unique finish to your projects. You could turn animal bone, resin, polyester and even antler.

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