Thimbles! While these could be seen as old fashioned and perhaps not commonly used, unless you're a sewing enthusiast of course, they are, however, highly collectable and simple to make. 

Thimbles were once a staple of craft fairs and lace days for the discerning woodturner, and sewing implements used to be a popular and essential part of the woodturners’ project list. 

So, if you’re planning to start darning your socks, you may want to watch our tutorial on how to make a set of thimbles for your sewing kit. Simply watch our Woodworking Wisdom demo to find out how! 

Which material to choose? 

Thimbles are attractive collectibles and examples can be found in a range of materials with silver, china and enamel a popular choice. But did you know you can make a thimble from wood, resin or even bone and antler? 

In this how to project, woodturner Colwin Way uses a range of different materials, including naturally-shed deer antler to make a delicate and beautiful set of thimbles with beading detail. 

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