Make your very own bespoke BBQ grill scraper

Perfect for using up scrap pieces of hardwood, a barbecue scraper or grill scraper is the ideal tool to clean your barbecue rack after grilling. This easy-to-make utensil can be adapted to any size suitable for you and can also be engraved to add a personal touch for the BBQ pit master (AKA head chef!).

Part 1 – Pinpoint the grill rack

Do a pencil rubbing of the BBQ grill.

How To Make A Barbeque Grill Scraper

Part 2 - Cut the wood

Cut a piece of machined wood to the desired length. We have used a bandsaw but you can do this using a mitre saw, table saw, or handsaw

How To Make A Barbeque Grill Scraper

Part 3 - Mark out your scraper shape

Start by marking the centre line. Measure the bottom width (100mm in this instance) of the scraper and on the other end mark out the width of the scraper handle (35mm). You can make your shape as curved or as straight as you would like. Here we have gone for a gentle curve to keep strength in the handle. You only need to mark out the shape on one half of your design as we will mirror the shape further into the project. 

Part 4 - Mark the grooves

Using the pencil rubbing mark out the gaps in the grill and using a pencil work out where you will drill to make the grooves to perfectly fit the BBQ grill. 

Part 5 - Drill your scraper

Use a 4 or 5mm drill bit to make the grooves that you have just marked out. We've used a pillar drill but you can also use power tools

Part 6 - Cut out the shape of your scraper

Use the shape that you have just cut out to place on top of your project aligning it to the opposite side of the timber to mirror the shape. Cut out the other side of your scraper, not forgetting the top and the bottom also. 

Part 7 - Sand your piece

Sand the project all over including using a belt sander, sanding paper, and block finishing off with a scraper to get a lovely finish. Use a rasp to make deeper grooves for the grill if you want. 

Part 8 - Add a personal touch

Customise your scraper with pyrography if you fancy.

How To Make A Barbeque Grill Scraper

Part 9 - Finish it!

Apply a couple of layers of food safe finishing oil and get ready to grill!

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