Christmas Tree

Complete this festive Christmas tree project in only two hours plus glue drying time! A great way to get into the festive mood this December.

Part 1 - Mark out

Using the Christmas tree template, mark out the pattern onto your piece of timber. Align the template to the bottom of the board. Secure with some masking tape. Use carbon paper and transfer the image by following the pattern with a ballpoint pen. Alternatively, use tracing paper or stick the template directly to the timber.
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Part 2 - Cut the pattern

Cut the pattern out on the scroll saw.

Part 3 - Sand

Sand on all edges. Take care on the bottom section as this can be short grained.

Part 4 - Cut on scroll saw

For the tree pot use something round and mark out two circles. One should be bigger than the other. In our example, we used two rolls of tape. Cut on the scroll saw and sand all edges.

Part 5 - Glue

Apply some glue to one face of the smaller round. Use a clamp or bench vice to hold the components together while the glue dries.

Step 6 - Screw in eyelets

To make it easier to screw in the eyelets, start them off with a drawing pin. This will allow the thread to bite into the timber. Turn the threaded eyelets until they are fully screwed in.

Part 7 - Glue

Glue the tree to the base. A fast setting glue is great for this. Allow the glue to dry fully before you start to decorate.

Part 8 - Decorate

It's now time to decorate in any way that you wish! Colour using paint, stains or even felt tips! In our example, we hung a couple of baubles for a minimal festive look.

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