Slotted Christmas Tree

Why not try out our super quick Christmas project? All you need is a piece of scrap plywood or MDF, and a scroll saw!

Part 1 - Mark out and cut

Firstly, draw out two small identical Christmas tree shapes; one with a star on the top and one without. Next, mark out a slot on each tree; one from the top down and one from the bottom up. This is so that the slot stops in the same position on each. Now, mark the slots and cut to the same width as the board thickness. In our example, it was 8mm.

Next, transfer the image on to the board by using some carbon paper.

Use a scroll saw to carefully cut out each of the shapes. Be sure to follow the lines as closely as you can, particularly when you cut the slots.

Once cut, check that both parts slot together nicely and sits flat at the bottom of the tree. If the slots are too tight and will not go together, lightly sand the inside of the slot until a snug fit is achieved.

Part 2 - Colour and Finish

Now's the time to add the finishing touches to your slotted Christmas tree. With a small project like this, you could choose to use a felt tip pen to add the finishing touches. However, in our example, we opted for some green and yellow wood dye for a full and stronger coloured finish.

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