Whilst wearing the correct respirator is essential, you should implement other safety measures for maximised protection during your woodworking activities. Remember to allow for adequate ventilation, use a dust extraction where applicable and maintain a clean working environment to minimise dust exposure.

Our top respirators

Providing protection of FFP3, this respirator is specifically designed to shield you against fine dust that can be hazardous to breathe in. Activities such as sanding, routing or any sawing or cutting can produce harmful airborne sawdust and wood chips, so it is essential you safeguard your lung health. Adjustable and comfortable, the endoskeleton structure of this mask results in an unrivalled, snug fit.

"The best and most comfortable mask I've worn yet.. really first class"

Axminster Tools customer

Another option in FFP3 protection, this mask safeguards against extremely fine dust, mists, smoke particles and other spores. Offering filtration against 99% of airborne particulates, this is an excellent choice for a wide range of activitiesBreathe freely without fatigue, with the rubber diaphragm offering low breathing resistance to support you, all day.

"Great product, does the job and keeps the dust out of your lungs"

Axminster Tools customer

Featuring the Typhoon valve, this respirator reduces breathing resistance, heat and moisture build up. Being unaffected by any moisture this FFP2 mask can be used with the same performance under very low temperatures as well. The foam strip around the inside of the mask adds to the comfortability and performance. A better fitting mask is imperative to offering maximised protection. Whilst offering a lower level of protection than FFP3, FFP2 masks are still an effective option when breathing in larger dust particles.

"This is an excellent and comfortable dust mask. Easy to fit and adjust and can be worn for the whole day no problem" 

Axminster Tools customer

The powerhouse solution to combating dust, the Axminster APF 10 Evolution is a lightweight and ergonomic solution to working efficiently and safely. With its positive pressure motor unit, it will blow filtered air down over your face and away from your airways. Equivalent to FFP2 and an Assigned protection Factor (APF) 10.

"Lovely lightweight design, so much so that I sometimes forget I'm wearing it"

Axminster Tools customer

With two PressToCheck P3 high-efficiency particulate dust filters, this capable half-mask allows you to check that you have the correct seal every time. The Force ™ 8 features the Typhoon™ valve, which has very low breathing resistance, allowing you to breathe comfortably without fatigue. Use for a wide range of uses, providing filtering protection against many gases and vapours. Reuseable, easily cleaned, and maintained. Lasts far longer than single-use disposable masks and is extremely comfortable.

"A really nice piece of kit. It’s a very nice fit on the face and head, the mask is very comfortable and it filters without restrictions on breathing"

Axminster Tools customer

Offering high levels of protection against multiple hazards, this respirator combines TH3 respiratory protection, along with eye, face, and head protection. With the option of adding Sonis ear defenders for hearing protection. Powerful yet lightweight, the battery-powered fan draws the air through the filters to blow clean air down over your face. Delivering 160 litres of clean air a minute, you can breathe freely with this hugely capable powered respirator.

Offering an excellent fit, this lightweight full-face mask offers a comfortable and easily maintained. This is a great option for aiding breathing in dusty environments. The optical Class 1 visor conforms to EN166.B impact protection. The completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask for optimum visibility. Easily adjusting to most face shapes, the PressToCheck filters ensures that you have the correct seal every time. Adaptable, protecting you against particulates, many gases and vapours.

"My lungs have never felt so safe." 

Axminster Tools customer

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