The challenge

Pendennis has nearly 400 employees on site in Falmouth and a rising tide of blue-chip clients, therefore the supply chain needs to have scale and scope. Tristan Jones, Project Manager for Pendennis confides

As the business has grown, we’ve had to look closely at our supplier base to make sure that we have reliable and cost-competitive partners. From a joinery perspective, there is a high expectation. We have over 50 full-time artisans in our specialist workshops - the main machine shop, furniture workshop and the teak workshop.

Tristan Jones, Project Manager for Pendennis

Customer profile

Established in 1988, high-end shipyard Pendennis have built an international reputation as a builder as well as refitter/restorer of superyachts.

The company recently completed a £23.8m investment in its main facility on Falmouth harbour in Cornwall. Included were two 90 metre production halls, a further 45 metre double width hall and a non-tidal wet basin for in-water servicing work.

Pendennis have additional refit facilities in Palma, Mallorca and also a support centre in Auckland New Zealand. To date, the company has launched 30 custom-built boats and undertaken more than 250 refits.


The Docks, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4NR
01326 211344

The solution

Dedicated account support

When building a new business relationship, Axminster visit the premises in order to understand the business and its goals. Axminster has been a supplier to Pendennis for over 20 years has a close understanding of their business.

Having a Technical Consultant assigned to the Pendennis account has made all the difference. We’re not spending time scouring the market. We’re confident we’ll get the right tools for the job in one place, on one purchase order.

Tristan Jones

Same day despatch

Pendennis use Axminster’s efficient online service for incidental or urgent requirements. Place an order before 3pm for same day despatch.

Star performers

These Axminster supplied products have established themselves as firm favourites amongst the joinery team at Pendennis.

  • Lamello joining products - highly rated for their time and cost-saving potential. In particular the Lamello P-system and Zeta for finishing high end cabinets and furniture. These fast fitting connectors do not need screwing or glueing, meaning no waiting for adhesives to dry.
  • Large capacity Axminster 950mm dual drum sander - to handle heavy teak exterior decking and bulkier joinery components.
  • Axminster Trade pillar drill - recommended for business use, the cast iron construction and high accuracy make for a durable and therefore reliable machine.
  • Tormek T-8 sharpening system - it meets the growing demand for quick, repeatable accuracy for sharpening a variety of plane and chisel blades.
  • Pendennis are almost exclusive users of Bosch power tool products, preferring to stay with one trusted brand for best compatibility as well as familiarity.

Axminster also supply a large range of consumables, health and safety equipment and handtools. Among the favourites with the joinery team are high quality Lie-Nielsen and Veritas planes and a range of Japanese pull saws.


The close working relationship between the two companies led Axminster to identify a way to improve the purchasing process at Pendennis. Initiating sub accounts streamlined the process, resulting in faster delivery times, also ensuring the right people get the right tools quickly.

Furthermore this partnership has opened the way for trials of various machines and tools under consideration for the joinery team. The close working relationship has also opened the door for Pendennis to specialist tool contacts and training from the likes of Lamello. Consequently, the team at Pendennis know they are using the most up to date and innovative tools and machinery.

We have a good, positive two way relationship. I am sure this will continue to grow in line with our own expectations for bespoke superyacht new builds and refit projects.

Tristan Jones

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