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Explore our Top Tools of the year by reading our informative Insights guide. See what's made the list for 2019 and let us know your thoughts on your favourite tools of the year!

UJK Technology Assembly Square
Firstly, the UJK Technology Assembly Square is a truly useful accessory for a multifunction table. It works well as a guide to produce accurate 90° corners when assembling frame, carcass and box type structures. For ease of use, it can be used both internally and externally to the corner you are fixing and can be a very effective extra hand when trying to join corners. One of the biggest benefits of this handy tool is that it ensures all parts go together at precise right angles. When it comes to gluing, screwing and fixing, the arms have cutouts for clamps and holes for spigot clamps to hold two pieces in place. To find out more about the features and benefits of this assembly square, see here.

Axminster Craft Woodturning Tool Set
Next, this six piece set is perfect for the beginner woodturner. Made in Sheffield, UK the set is the result of a collaboration between Axminster Skill Centre tutors and a long established Sheffield tool manufacturer. With smooth, well-shaped beech handles and ready sharpened M2 HSS blades, this set is ideal for both spindle and bowl turning. Choose this value for money set and gain maximum satisfaction from a new craft.

Axminster Craft AC216TS 216mm Table Saw
For its smaller size, this table saw really packs a punch in terms of performance. Powerful, quiet, and very nicely built, this machine is very satisfying to use. It features a 1,100W induction motor as well as a large cast iron table with twin 19mm mitre fence grooves. There's a wealth of features and benefits as well as many optional extras, including a leg stand, cabinet stand, sliding table kit, mitre fence and a zero clearance blade kerf plate. Supplied with our best quality 216mm Axcaliber Premium 48 Tooth noise reducing blade, this machine is perfect for the home woodworker.

Axminster Rider Sharpening Station Kit
Designed to work in conjunction with an Axminster Rider Honing Guide, this one stop sharpening station is a great piece of kit. Supplied with the Rider double sided diamond bench stone, board, strop, paste and instructions, you'll achieve excellent edges to your blades and chisels. You will also enjoy a final high polish finish. Easy to keep clean, this sharpening station kit is unaffected by water or oil which makes it ideal for any workshop.

Bosch GSB120-Li Combi Drill 12V (2 x 1.5Ah)
If you're looking for a lightweight and compact combi drill, this tool is just the ticket. Ideal if you need to drill or drive screws into tight spots, this combi drill measures only 188mm long from front to back making it perfect for many tasks. With a soft grip for comfort and control, a 2-speed gearbox and variable speed trigger, this combi drill is great for drilling into wood, metal and masonry. You'll also benefit from Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which guards against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. Supplied in a carry case, the unit includes includes 2 x 1.5Ah batteries and an AL 1110 CV charger.

Crown Carbide Pro Tip Turning Tools

Premium quality tools with replaceable carbide tips, these turning tools are suitable for turning wood, acrylic, polyester and resin.


More Top Tools of 2019...

Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Variable Speed Sharpening System
Achieve the ultimate edge every time with this variable speed machine. Featuring a 560W DC brush motor, you will enjoy ultimate cutting speeds while you work. For convenience, its 50mm wide belt can be used both forward and in reverse. With a high torque, you are able to sharpen tools without stalling. What's more, the belts can be easily changed and are fully adjustable. Choose the Ultimate Edge Sharpening System to keep the ultimate edge on your tools.
Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Variable Speed Sharpening System
Axminster Trade AT2552B Bandsaw
Next on the list, this trade rated bandsaw has a robust construction which makes it ideal for both trade as well as home workshop use. With a high specification, the very popular size machine boasts a range of features. These include a large and finely ground cast iron table, deep rip fence, rigidly built steel body and micro adjustable ball bearing blade guides to name just a few. For added safety and security, there's an adjustable T-slotted precision mitre fence. Furthermore, there's also interlocked and micro-switched doors and an emergency stop switch to safeguard you while you work.

UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System
Want to create multiple custom-made benchtops or portable cutting boards in under 30 minutes? If so, this is the tool for you. As a joint venture with Peter Parfitt, the UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System has several new user-friendly benefits. An upgraded version of the existing Parf Guide System, it guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts. It produces highly accurate results every time and eliminates any potential issues through best engineering practices.

The ultimate when it comes to the 5 cut test, this tool cuts the first surface twice. The upgraded version also delivers better engineering practice making it ideal for both professional trades and home workshops alike. There's plenty more features to enjoy, check out our helpful guide to learn more.

Axminster Model Engineer Series MCB115SHD Swivel Head Metal Cutting Bandsaw
Next, if you need to cut accurately at various angles, this is the saw for you. Ideal for smaller fabrication jobs, our Model Engineer Series saws are compact and competitively priced. Coupled with UK made Axcaliber blades they will provide you with the most accurate of cuts over and over again. This metal cutting bandsaw features a swivelling head which offers an accurate method of cutting angles or bevels. With lots of user-friendly benefits, this small bandsaw delivers on all fronts.

Shokunin Japanese Flushcut Saw
Ideal for fine flush trimming, this unique saw will produce clean cuts, everytime. Produced by Shokunin, this flush cutting saw (otherwise known as a Kugihiki saw) has an exceptionally thin and flexible blade. The teeth have no set; it is perfect for cutting the protruding ends of through tenons or dowels without damage to the surrounding area. Furthermore, it is really handy for reaching the places larger saws can’t reach. Learn more about our range of Japanese saws by reading another of our helpful Buying Guides.

Axminster Deluxe Assembly/Disassembly Pen Press
If you are a pen turner, this pen press is a must have. It allows you to conveniently assemble and disassemble virtually any pen. This feature is unique to the pen turning market. The tool features a strong arm with ergonomic handle which presses pen parts together for perfect results. Whether you make pens for a living or have a passion for pen turning, this pen press offers reliability, accuracy and control. It will revolutionise the way you work!

Festool CTM CLEANTEC MIDI Dust Extractor (Bluetooth)
Finally, this compact M-class mobile extractor features a high filtration standard of 99.9% hazardous dust as fine as 0.1 mg/m3. Boasting a wealth of helpful features, you'll enjoy variable suction, manual filter de-dusting for maximum efficiency and simple operation thanks to the touch control panel. Fitted with integrated Bluetooth technology; it allows you to use the extractor in conjunction with a remote control or a Festool Bluetooth battery pack for automatic switching-on. What's more, you'll enjoy super quick filter changes, automatic hose detection and a secure connection to Festool power tools for sanding, routing, sawing, etc.

Supplied with smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT, Bluetooth functionality for extractor, remote switch-on for cordless tools, SELFCLEAN filter bag, hose holder, cable holder and SYS-Dock with T-LOC function. Please note that 110V machines do not come with a plug.

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So, there you have it. If you've enjoyed reading this article, we've got plenty more for you to choose from. Firstly, the long anticipated UJK Technology Drill Guide is now here and available to buy! Next, why not take a look at EcoPoxy and its range of innovative epoxy products? EcoPoxy offers an eco-friendly alternative to other epoxy resins on the market. Suitable for an array of crafts, the range is perfect for your DIY river table, woodturning resin art and much, much more. Finally, Jake Knight, Head Engineer here at Axminster Tools & Machinery, has recently become a ‘Young Pioneer’ and joined The Manufacturer Top 100. Learn more by reading our Company News.

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