Experience power carving like never before!

The new variable speed motor is ideal for caving, planing and sanding and comes supplied with innovative accessories, to ensure you get the most out of all your Arbortech attachments.
Arbortech Power Carving Unit

Getting the most out of your Power Carving Unit

Do you want to... Combine
Create extremely flat, levelled surfaces with minimal wood chip? Power Unit + Levelling Guide + TURBO Plane (not included) + Chip Tube
Free form sculpt your piece of timber with minimal wood chips? Power Unit + Chip Catcher + TURBO Plane (not included) + Chip Tube
Finish off and sand your project with minimal dust and chips? Power Unit + Chip Catcher + Connected to a vacuum + Sanding Pad fitted with your choice of Sanding Discs
Use the Industrial Woodcarver Blade or a non Arbortech grinding disc? Power Unit + Metal Guard + Industrial Woodcarver Blade or a standard grinding disc (not included)
Or how about sanding off the high points of a wooden surface with minimal wood dust? Power Unit + Levelling Guide + Sanding Pad + Chip Tube

What's in the kit?

Power Unit

Robust, variable speed motor that will suit all Arbortech attachments for optimal power carving performance. Use with a combination of included accessories specifically designed for the TURBO Plane (not included) for added features such as dust removal and unique planing and smoothing functionality.

Sanding Pad

Designed for initial sanding stages, this high performance, slightly flexible Sanding Pad is ideal for sanding medium to large projects and is capable of moulding to slight contours due to the flexible lip. Use the Sanding Pad in combination with the Chip Catcher and attach a vacuum to control wood dust.

Levelling Guide

When used with the TURBO Plane, this attachment allows for an extremely flat levelled surface. Use with the Sanding Pad to achieve a very even smooth finish.
Top tip: Connect the Chip Tube to the Levelling Guide to funnel wood chips.
Arbortech Power Carving Unit

Chip Catcher

Designed to collect dust and chips during free form carving and sanding stages.

Sanding stage: fit the Sanding Pad into the Chip Catcher and attach to a vacuum to extract wood dust during sanding.
Carving stage: fit the Chip Tube or a vacuum to reduce wood chips during free form carving stages with the TURBO Plane.

Chip Tube

Without a vacuum, the Chip Tube is an easy option to funnel wood chips into a bucket to reduce mess.
Top tip: Once connected to the Chip Catcher or Levelling Guide, the Chip Tube will funnel wood chips straight onto the floor or into a bucket.
Arbortech Power Carving Unit


Use the fan in conjunction with the Chip Tube and the TURBO Plane to get rid of most of the wood chips and dust without a vacuum. As well as the above, the package also includes Assorted Sanding Discs (3 x 60, 120, 180, 240 grit) and a metal guard.
Arbortech Power Carving Unit

Power Carving Project Inspiration

The Arbortech family...

Fast, safe and easy ways to shape wood - get ready to take on a variety of power carving projects with the Arbortech attachments!

Carve convex and concave shapes freehand and enjoy a smooth finish that requires minimal sanding.
Arbortech Mini TURBO

Ball Gouge

Create smooth concave shapes and add chiselled features to your projects.
Arbortech Ball Gouge
Contour Sander
Achieve exceptionally smooth sanded surfaces.
Arbortech Contour Sander
TURBO Plane Blade
Rapidly shape, sculpt and plane a variety of flat and curved parts.
Arbortech TURBO Plane Blade
Industrial Woodcarver
Shape, sculpt, cut and trench a wide variety of wooden objects.
Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver Blade
Perfect for detailed freehand sculpting, this attachment enables unprecedented opportunities for shaping and fine reworking.
Arbortech TURBO Shaft

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