The Axminster Woodturning Essential SK88 Chuck Package is the ideal starter kit for beginners woodturning.

The 88mm steel chuck is the smallest chuck in the Axminster Woodturning range. It's light and compact design makes it suitable for a variety of lathes and is particularly suited to smaller models.

As with all the chucks in the Axminster Woodturning range, the SK88 is precision designed and manufactured from Axminster Tools HQ in Axminster, Devon, UK. It is engineered using the latest in CNC technology and is carefully assembled, packed and dispatched from one site.

What's Different?

The Essential SK88 Chuck, is a more compact version of our renowned stainless steel Clubman SK100 Chuck. Meticulously crafted with precision, the SK88 Chuck maintains the same design excellence that our customers have come to expect from the Clubman SK100 Chuck, but with a strategic engineering shift to EN1A steel. This cost effective alternative makes a perfect entry-level choice for beginners venturing into the art of woodturning.

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What's Included?

The package includes the basic tools needed for work holding on the lathe, and is ideal for beginners in woodturning including faceplate ring, dovetail jaws, screw chuck and 88mm chuck body (also all available to buy separately).

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Dovetail Jaws

The Type E Dovetail Jaws supplied give a stable and secure grip on your workpiece and offers both an internal and external grip.

The external dovetail expands into a recess enabling you to turn bowls, platters and the like. Whilst the internal grip has a stepped shoulder, for an extra firm grip on to a spigot, perfect for boxes and goblets.

The dovetail design provides a strong and reliable grip on the workpiece as it creates multiple points of contact. With enhanced holding power, the risk of the workpiece slipping or shifting during the turning process is greatly reduced.

Essential SK88 Chuck

Faceplate Ring & Screw Chuck

Fix the faceplate ring directly to your bowl blanks and mount to the chuck before initial turning for ease.

The one piece screw chuck can also be inserted in to the chuck to hold smaller projects. The central screw has a deep sharp thread for a positive and secure hold. It only requires you to drill a single shallow hole in the blank.

Other Accessories

Also available is a range of steel jaws compatible with the Essential SK88 Chuck, useful for holding a wide range of projects. The Essential SK88 Chuck can also be purchased as body only.

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Chuck Maintenance

In order to keep your Essential SK88 steel Chuck and Jaws in good condition, and prevent tarnishing, we recommend spraying it lightly with a dry lubricant on a regular basis. You should do this more frequently if you are working in a damp workshop or turning wet timber.

Chuck Maintenance

Review with Colwin Way

Watch our resident expert woodturner, Colwin Way, give an overview of the Axminster Woodturning Essential SK88 Chuck on Woodworking Wisdom, where he talks through the features and answers questions from the public.

History of Chuck Development 

In 1984, engineers at Axminster Tools designed the first woodturning chuck. With woodturners in mind, they chose the scroll chuck and designed a four jaw chuck system.

It wasn’t long before they moved into exploring accessories. Designers devised a style of mounting four quadrants of a profiled disc, known as jaws. And to this day, those original jaws are still compatible with all modern chucks Axminster Tools manufacture.

Different to other manufacturers, the Axminster Tools' design is based around interchangeable sets of jaws utilising accessory mounting jaws, to allow you to swap between sets with ease.

Over the years, much of the development of our chucks and jaws has come from the feedback and input of professional woodturners and our customer. And our design and engineering team continue to develop our lathe accessories to provide our customers with world class products.

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