Every woodturner will have their favourite woodturning jaws, which they will reach for time and time again. This could be for a number of reasons. Whether its flexibility for you turning, grip on a project or versatility.

Axminster Woodturning offer a vast choice of jaws for almost any project. And with such a wide range of quality jaws, how do you chose which will be the right ones for you?

Sometimes it's good to get the advice from the experts.

Watch our Woodworking Wisdom demo with renowned woodturners Nick Agar and Colwin Way, as they discuss and demonstrate some of Nick's favourite jaws.

About Nick

Originally from the UK, Nick now runs his own successful and popular woodturning studio in Georgia, USA. He runs regular demonstrations and woodturning classes and is known the world over for his woodturning prowess and has more than 30 years experience.

Nick has become one of the most sought-after instructors and demonstrators in woodturning. He is one of the most creative makers in the field and specialises in surface enhancement.

Renowned for his Viking sunset bowls and wall sculptures, his award-winning work often incorporates carving, airbrushing, ceramic and metal effects.

Nick is also an ambassador and champion of Axminster Woodturning chucks and jaws.

Nick Agar

Some of these jaws are dear to my heart, because that goes back in time to where I started, and other ones have multiple uses and have become my essentials."

Nick's favourite woodturning jaws

Axminster Woodturning 115mm Soft Jaws

Create your own custom designed jaws; an excellent addition to your work holding system.

Axminster Woodturning 115mm Soft Jaws

Axminster Woodturning O'Donnell Dovetail Jaws - 38mm & 50mm

The unique design of the O’Donnell jaw allows access around the jaws for close-in tool work.

Axminster Woodturning O'Donnell Dovetail Jaws

Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws - 250mm & 400mm

Offers a method of reverse chucking and holding previously turned pieces firmly but gently.

Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws

Axminster Woodturning SK100 & SK114 Dovetail Jaws Type C

The Type C jaws are especially useful for small bowls and end grain work such as boxes and goblets.

Axminster Woodturning Dovetail Jaws Type C

Axminster Woodturning Expanding Pin Chuck Jaws

Offers a secure method of mounting logs, burls and other odd shaped pieces of timber.

Axminster Woodturning Expanding Pin Chuck Jaws

More on Axminster Woodturning Jaws

Discover more about the Axminster Woodturning range, including chucks, jaws and centres, all made in the UK, watch our video below.

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