Which handle to use?

Choose the smaller handle when working with workbench lathes and small turning projects, such as bowls; or the larger handle for turning bigger projects. Use the Crown Cryo Double Ended Gouge (3/8" or 1/2") for general bowl turning or add the Axminster Woodturning Probe or Offset Probe, with Carbide Cutters, for hollowing. The Axminster Woodturning Handles also accommodate the Crown 1/2" Revolution Blade for precision cutting.

One handle, multiple tools

All compatible gouges and probes are interchangeable with both Axminster Woodturning Handles using the ER20 Collet System, making these handles a complete, versatile system. Both handles are supplied with a 12-13mm ER20 Collet to take turning tools with a bar diameter between 12mm and 13mm. To accommodate a smaller gouge, simply add the Axminster ER20 Precision Collet - 10mm/9mm for the Crown Cryo 3/8" Double-Ended Gouge. The collet system provides a firm grip offering stability, precision and smooth results. The handles also include a C-spanner and tommy bar to release the collet nut if required.

Micro Handle for precision

The Micro Handle range has a number of toolset options to kick-start your project work. Use the Axminster Micro Handle for miniature turning projects, such as pen work or turning small spindles.The stainless steel Axminster Woodturning Micro Handle features a contoured grip with light knurling, designed to give you maximum comfort and control when you turn.

An attachment for every need

We offer a range of Micro Handle sets to get you started, including the handle complete with a full range of tool attachments. For a complete micro turning tool set, try the Axminster Woodturning Micro Handle and Set of Six Tools. Already have the handle and want to expand your kit? Then the Crown Set of Six Tools for the Axminster Woodturning Micro Handle is what you need. All six tools are also available to buy individually. They include the Crown Gouge for the Miniature Handle which has a shallow flute for cutting coves and beads; Crown Skew Chisel for the Micro Handle for fine planing cuts, rolling beads and cutting vee grooves; the Crown Parting Tool for cutting a narrow groove when parting off or sizing; and the Crown Spiralling and Texturing Tools which can be used to add a multitude of patterns, textures, and effects to enhance your work.

New products for Micro Handle

Joining the Micro Handle range are three new long lasting, solid tungsten carbide cutters, the Crown Mini Carbide Hollowing Tip Tool, the Crown Mini Carbide Roughing Tip Tool and Crown Mini Carbide Detail Tip Tool.

Maximum grip, comfort and quality

Both Woodturning Handles feature a firm foam covering for maximum non-slip grip and comfort. The steel shaft adds mass, making the turning process much smoother. The Micro Handle is machined from a solid stainless steel bar at Axminster Tools’ manufacturing site in the UK. In addition, features a gently contoured grip with light knurling to prevent it slipping in the hand.

Whichever handle you choose, or whether you opt for all three, you will not be disappointed with the results you can achieve with this versatile, all-in-one tool system.

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