Want to achieve the look of a hand cut dovetail?

The key to the Leigh design is the sliding template fingers, which allow beautiful dovetail configurations to be arranged by eye, with the fingers always locking down level and straight.

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What can you achieve with the Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig?

The ultimate dovetail jig with a full 24" (600mm) capacity, the Leigh D4R Pro easily produces through dovetails, half-blind, end to end and sliding dovetails with infinite adjustment of pins and tail widths, single pass half-blind dovetails and two sizes of box joints straight out of the box. With one jig, it is possible to achieve so many types of joinery.

Through Dovetails

  • Variably spaced dovetails
  • Joints up to 1 1/4" thick
  • Well suited to carcass and box construction
Through Dovetail

Half-Blind Dovetails

  • Variably spaced dovetails
  • Joints up to 1 1/2" thick
  • Perfect for drawer fronts
  • Hidden dovetails
Half-Blind Dovetail

Single Pass Half-Blind Dovetails

  • Equally spaced dovetails
  • Simple alternative to variably spaced dovetails
  • Ideal if you need to replicate drawers from period furniture
Single Pass Half Blind Dovetail

Sliding Dovetails

  • A brilliant choice for shelving, partitions and breadboard ends
  • Also great for chests of drawers, jewellery box partitions and bookcases
Sliding Dovetails

Box Joints / FingerJoints

  • Two sizes of box joints (finger joints), 3/8" and 3/4"
  • Nine additional sizes with optional F3 Template
  • Ideally suited to box corners and drawers
Box Joints

Angled Dovetails

  • Create simple, acute, obtuse and compound angles
  • A great choice if you need to create planter boxes
Angled Dovetail

Inlaid Dovetails

  • Fancy inlaid joints are easily achieved with double step routing
  • Adds a unique touch to any woodworking piece
Inlaid Dovetails

Rabbeted Dovetails

  • This type of dovetail makes a great alternative for drawer fronts
  • Ideal for face frame cabinetry
Rabbeted Dovetails

End-on-End Dovetails

  • Rout straight or angled end-on-end dovetails at five different cutting depths
End-On-End Dovetail

Needle Pins

  • This type of joint is great for authentic period or reproduction pieces
  • Rout in a fraction of the time it takes to hand cut them. For convenience, only the tails need hand cutting
Needle Pins

Shelf Holes & Notches

  • Rout endless pairs of perfectly aligned shelf holes and matching notches
  • Also brilliant for bookcases and shelving
Shelf Holes & Notches


  • If you want to make a bold design statement, opt for this 3D joint design
Raised Dovetails

Benefits of the D4R Pro Dovetail Jig

  • For ease of use and convenience, the dovetail jig uses the standard dovetail finger assembly.
  • The Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig is simple to operate. Position the guide fingers to your desired pattern. Then with the boards in place, simply guide your router around the guide fingers to rout the dovetail joint. One finger assembly makes a multitude of joinery.
  • A precision extruded aluminium body, with non-marring textured clamping surfaces and machined-in side stops adds rigidity and accuracy.
  • Supplied with three robust 8mm diameter shank cutters for chatter free routing; the e7 elliptical guide bush which fits many routers; some routers may require a different guide bush and/or adaptor.
  • Full specification includes 8° and 14° dovetail cutters, 5/16" diameter straight cutter, cam action material clamps and guide bars for cutting sliding dovetails.
  • Detailed instructional videos and comprehensive user guides are available online.
  • Enjoy a full 5 Year Warranty on your new Leigh D4R Dovetail Jig. What's more you also get a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

N.B. The addition of an adaptor for threaded guide bushes will be necessary for most UK routers. To help you select the correct guide bush system, please download the User Manual (page 70) which contains a selection chart.