UJK Universal Dovetail Jig

With strong associations of quality and craft, and highly prized all over the world, British made products offer peace of mind that you’re investing in the best! With this in mind, we're delighted to introduce the brand new UJK Universal Dovetail Jig, available to buy online, in store or over the phone.

UJK Universal Dovetail Jig - Made In Britain

1 jig, 6 joints

Straight out of the box, the UJK Universal Dovetail Jig gives you the possibility of producing six different joints, with unrivalled accuracy! Plus, it's simple to use and easy to set up. View the jig and buy yours now.

Six joints straight out of the box

Half blind dovetails

Used primarily for drawer box construction, half blind dovetails show the pins and tails on one side of the joint, while remaining completely invisible on the other. This makes them ideal for fastening drawer fronts to drawer sides.

Half Blind Dovetail

Sliding dovetails

Frequently used in case work to connect shelves to side walls or between shelves in drawer dividers, sliding dovetails are deceptively simple joints to make using this jig.

Sliding Dovetail

Through dovetails

As one of the strongest joints available, the through dovetail joint has many benefits. These include being aesthetically pleasing thanks to its interlocking capabilities and resistance to being pulled apart. Furthermore, it offers a large gluing area, however the joint will also hold together even without glue!

Through Dovetail

Box/Finger joints

Ideal for making boxes and other solid cube shapes such as chests and carcases, precise comb or finger joints offer castellations with a very long glue line.


Groove/housing joints

Useful for adding partitions into cabinets and bookcases, a groove/housing joint is a strong and reliable joint that's simple to make. A trench is cut into which the end of another component is inserted.


Corner dovetail rebates

Simple to construct, corner dovetail rebates enable mating parts to align easily and accurately. Furthermore, they create a larger gluing surface which provides a greater load-bearing capability than standard butt joints.

Corner Dovetail Rebates

Why buy the UJK Universal Dovetail Jig?

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Made in the UK

The jig itself is made and developed right here at our state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Axminster, Devon. Straight out of the box it gives you the possibility of producing six different joints, with unrivalled accuracy. With "Made in Britain" status and approval, we take particular pride in the manufacture of our own products and this couldn't be more true with our brand new UJK Universal Dovetail Jig.

From concept, design, material selection and sourcing through to prototype development, testing, quality control and finally, the production of the jig itself, when we say 'Made in Britain' we are able to truly mean it. Please note: the knobs and cutters are not made in the UK.

High quality materials

The base of the jig is robustly made from heavy gauge steel. Other parts precisely CNC machined; a combination of accuracy and strength. The super hard anodised finish on the finger templates ensure long term accuracy. The jig features a stabiliser bar located in front of the hard anodised comb. This provides a much greater surface area to support your router’s base. It is also where that the quick fit magnetic extraction nozzle fits.

Stabiliser bar
Stabiliser bar located in front of the comb supports your router's base

Simple set up and use

For convenience, the UJK Universal Dovetail Jig is straightforward to set up and use. An 11mm offset at each end of the template greatly speeds up initial marking. Finally, fast cam action clamps, hold your workpieces quickly and securely.

UJK Universal Dovetail Jig

Fantastic dust extraction

The UJK Universal Dovetail Jig incorporates an impressive dust extraction outlet. Held in place by a strong magnetic strip, the outlet is easily detached when loading workpieces in your jig.

Magnetic dust extraction
Held in place by a strong magnetic strip, the greatly improved dust extraction outlet is easily detached when loading workpieces in your jig

Compatible with a range of routers

The UJK Universal Dovetail Jig lets you achieve perfect joints, every time. Very simple to use compared to the more complex jigs and at a fraction of the price, the new dovetail jig from UJK can be used with any router that will take 1/4″, 8mm or 1/2″ shank cutters.

What's included?

The UJK Universal Dovetail Jig comes with:

  • Three 1/4" shank Axcaliber precision ground TCT router cutters; a matched pair for dovetailing (7 degree dovetail and straight) plus a 12.5mm straight cutter
  • Two American style threaded guide bushes
  • Router support bar
  • Magnetic extraction nozzle
  • Setting gauge
  • 2 combs
  • 3 point clamping system
  • Full instructions

Important info...

Material capacity: 300mm width, 6–28mm dovetail thickness.
Don't forget, an additional Leigh guide bush adaptor to suit your router should be purchased separately.

See guide bushes

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