Festool Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus, now in the new Systainer³

Want to enjoy simple sanding on every edge? The Festool Edge Sander ES-ETS125 REQ-Plus allows you to quickly and easily sand all kinds of edges from the very first application.

Main Applications

  • Furniture manufacture
  • Edge finishing work
  • Sanding sawn or planed wood edges
  • Sanding filled or painted edges in fixed angular positions without any tipping
Festool Edge Sander

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable and simple; the edge sander is positioned on the full surface of the edge and ensures perfect sanding. From first application, there's no tipping over or sanding through.

  • Cost effective and quick; save up to 50% of your valuable time compared to working with a sanding block. Simply open the Systainer³, take out the edge sander and in no time at all the edge will be faultlessly sanded.
  • Great for all types of edges; whether straight or curved, coarse or painted, perpendicular or at an angle, this sander is fantastic. No matter where you are working, even large and bulky workpieces can be sanded perfectly in no time at all. What's more, there's no laborious manual sanding.
  • Workpiece protection; it's easy and quick to replace the slideway lining on the cross-headed guide to match the surface. For ease of use, use velour linings for delicate surfaces and plastic lining for all other surfaces.
  • Abrasive changing position; it is easy to change the abrasive thanks to the sliding cross-headed guide.

  • Adjustable sanding mode; choose from the various settings available. In soft mode, the setting for intermediate sanding, the edge sander adapts precisely to the surface to be sanded. The greatest benefit of this is that neither filler nor paint is sanded through. In the hard mode, the setting for pre-sanding, the edge is sanded according to the set angle.

  • Angle adjustment; for complete flexibility there's no need for any tools! Plus, the angle adjustment can be used to copy and lock free angles. Finally, when setting angles manually, the integrated angle display guarantees precision.

Festool Edge Sander

Performance Features

  • Antistatic function; mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.
  • CLEANTEC; integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.
  • Electronic; speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.
  • Jetstream principle; the 9-hole principle for reduced dust accumulation, less heat and less clogging. Up to a 30 % longer service life.
  • Protector; this protects the sanding pad and material when working close to edges.
  • MPE sanding pad; sanding pads and sanding discs made from extremely durable materials for long service life.
  • Vibration stop; patented VS balancing so that tools run smoothly during sanding, which makes working less hazardous.
  • Plug it; removable, replaceable mains cable with safety lock for quick conversion.
  • Turbo dust extraction; turbo dust extraction ensures clean, dust-free air and a clear view of the workpiece.
  • StickFix STF; quick, economical fastening system for abrasives – no adhesives, no clamping.
Festool Edge Sander

About the NEW Systainer³

The new Systainer³ generation enables you to be more mobile than ever before. Festool, TANOS and bott have worked together to develop a mobility system which brings the workshop and the construction site closer together. Thanks to perfect integration in the bott vario3 vehicle equipment, you can now take the familiar arrangement and the simple handling that you used to from the Systainer system, into your vehicle as well.

  • Third generation of Festool Systainer
  • There is the possibility to lock the box with a padlock
  • The new Systainer³ is compatible with its predecessor, the Systainer T-LOC
  • It is also possible to place and connect the Systainer³ on top of a classic Systainer
  • As Systainers get higher, you reach a point where the lid handle is ergonomically superior to the front handle. This is because you no longer can carry the weight nearer to your body as it is the case with lower heights. Therefore, a front handle in included only in the lower three heights (112, 137, 187) whereas the bigger ones (237, 337, 437) get the pull handle for the Bott system.

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