The Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge

The Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge is a tool user's dream, allowing fast repeatable sharpening on all your edge tools. Whether you’re a woodworker, carver, woodturner or even looking to restore old tools, this is the only machine you’ll ever need. Sharpening expert, Jason Breach, takes you through the machine and all its accessories.

More than just a sharpening machine

We all have tools in the shed that have seen better days. Tools that have been passed down from generation to generation or picked up at a car boot sale that have been neglected. The Ultimate Edge is more than just a sharpening machine, it not only gets your tools scarily sharp, it also gets them looking the part too.

Ultimate Edge accessories

Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Honing Guide

The Honing Guide is perfect for plane blades and joinery chisels, it fits onto the bar of the Compound Jig. The dovetailed shaped jaws secure the blades against the body. The jaws accommodate chisels from 6-66mm in width.

Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge "Twist n Fix" Arbor

The “Twist n Fix” Arbor does just that, one twist and it’s fixed in place on the carrier. The unique connection allows mops and honing wheels to be used either forward or in reverse.

Axminster Trade Universal Sharpening Table

The Sharpening Table has a large surface and is ideal for freehand lathe tool sharpening and general linishing. It locks securely to the bar of the Compound Jig and has a quadrant of angles laser marked for easy reference.

Axminster Leather Honing & Polishing Belt

Designed to use specifically with the Ultimate Edge. It is made from two layers of supple leather, 3.5mm thick, and double sided. This means that two grades of honing or polishing pastes can be used, the belt being flipped over to use the alternative side.

Compatible with Tormek jigs

Combining the Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge with a Tormek jig opens up a whole new world of sharp tools. By utilising the Ultimate Edge’s Compound Jig (included with the machine), selected Tormek jigs simply slide on and are ready to provide your tools with the ultimate edge.

Tormek SVD-186 R Gouge Jig

Use the SVD-186-R for sharpening woodturning gouges (bowl, spindle and fingernail) to a razor like edge.

Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

The SVS-50 is a comprehensive jig that can be used equally well for turning and carving tools.

Tormek SVS-38 Short Tool Jig

Sharpening short carving tools and chisels is a breeze with the SVS-38 jig. It can handle tools down to 45mm long, including power carving tools.

Tormek SVA-170 Axe Grinding Jig

A relatively simple jig that allows both bevels of an axe head to be ground at exactly the same angle over the full length of the edge

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