Looking for kitchen fitter router bits and other useful tools? In this article, we look at the must-have tools that you need in your arsenal if you are going to fit a kitchen. We also include some links to the various selections that we have to choose from, for your reference.

Axcaliber Kitchen Fitter's Cutter Set

Professional kitchen fitter or avid DIY-er? Try four of the most commonly used kitchen cutters available.

This kitchen fitter router bit set compromises 2 x 60mm long x 12.7 mm diameter, 2 flute 1/2"(12.7mm) shank straight cutters for cutting worktop joints using a Postform jig, 1 x 50mm long x 12.7mm diameter, 2 flute 1/2"(12.7mm) shank straight cutter with bottom cut for plunge cutting through laminated and melamine faced board for sink and hob cut-outs etc. It also includes 1 x 25mm long x 12.7mm diameter, 2 flute 1/2"(12.7mm) shank flush bearing trimming cutter for trimming laminates, lippings and for template following applications. 1/2"(12.7mm) shank only.

UJK Worktop Radius Jig

A perfect companion to the UJK Worktop Jig.
Offering many more options for routing various radii both internal and external in worktops, this jig is equally useful in a cabinet or furniture workshop where there is frequent need to rout a particular radius. CNC machined from 12mm thick solid compact phenolic resin, this professional jig is very accurate, durable and stable.

To set up, simply place the locating pins in the appropriate holes and locate them on the edges of the workpiece. It features six radii; 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm and 250mm; both internal and external. It has a slot for straight cuts up to 820mm, and 26mm and 35mm cabinet hinge recess cutouts. The corners of the jig offer 50mm, 100mm and 150mm radii and a 45mm option. Supplied with full and comprehensive instructions and a pack of four aligning pins. You'll require a couple of clamps to hold the jig in place and a 30mm guide bush to fit your router.

UJK Variable Angle Worktop Jig

The recipe for the finest kitchen.
This professional patented kitchen worktop jig is capable of 45° and 90° left or right hand joints in worktops with widths of 250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 616, 620-IKEA, 650 and 700mm. It enables you to make peninsular joints, corner radii of 40mm and 100mm, 90° square end cuts plus 45° and 22.5° angle cuts. There are also facilities for cutting 35mm cabinet door hinge recesses (18mm carcass), a hole for tap fixings 35mm (3/4" BSP) and three slots for 65mm and 150mm joining bolts.

The jig is CNC cut from 12mm thick solid compact phenolic resin which is very stable and doesn't warp. Permanently engraved into the top are instructions, diagrams and pin-hole locations. It also solves problems regarding out of square joints. With the addition of the optional accessory, the Angle Adjustment Plate (sold separately), the jig will cut accurate left and right hand joints between 85° and 95°. Supplied with full and comprehensive instructions and a pack of four aligning pins.

UJK Compact Lock Jig

Four interchangeable templates for the most popular door sash, mortice and deadlock sizes.
Made of 12mm thick High Pressure Laminate, this adjustable Lock Jig is dimensionally stable. With a lifetime guarantee never to warp, it's fully adjustable for lock faceplates up to 175mm in length. The jig includes interchangeable templates to cut mortice and faceplate recesses for the most popular door sash, mortice and deadlock sizes. Templates have keyhole slots for quick and easy template changing.

Setup is easy and the mortice will be square to the door making it easier to fit the handles. It is suitable for doors up to 58mm (2.1/4") thick. You will require a 1/2" router with a 12.7mm (1/2") straight cutter (long reach if possible) and a 16mm guide bush. In addition, two clamps to hold the jig in place and a screwdriver will adjust the settings.

UJK Hinge Jig with Clamp Plate

Easy to use with minimal setup time.
This single aperture, lightweight hinge jig is suitable for all doors and gives quick and accurate results. Easy to use with minimal setup time, once set for the size of the hinge, cutting the recess on the door frame requires no further adjustment. Made of 12mm thick High Pressure Laminate (additional parts are aluminium), dimensionally stable and with a lifetime guarantee never to warp, the body has engraved markings for easy measurement and setting. The end datum stop controls the 3mm gap between the top of the door and frame.

Suitable for hinges from 50mm (2") to 127mm (5") long and with leaf widths between 6.5mm (1/4") and 35mm (1.38"). The jig comes with the clamping plate accessory and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Additional equipment required: 1/2 router, 12mm straight cutter, 16mm guide bush, screwdriver, two bradawls or two clamps. The optional UJK Corner Chisel quickly and accurately removes rounded corners.

Souber DBB Mortice Lock Fitting Jig 

Designed specifically to guide the drilling bit to cut mortices for door locks and their faceplates. This very precise drilling jig is quick and simple to set up, self centring and locks onto the door edge securely. It really is a simple process: mark the lock length on to the door, select the width of mortice cutter that suits your lock, set the depth collar, pass the drill shaft through the jig’s guide bush, lock the jig to the door and using power from your drill, drive the carbide tipped mortice cutter into the door moving up and down; repeat this process for the faceplate. This produces a very clean smooth cut and is one of the fastest most accurate ways to cut a mortice. You can also use it to cut hinges. Power drill with a 13mm chuck running at speeds 2,000 - 3,000 rpm is recommended.

Supplied with three special carbide tipped cutters: 19, 22 and 25mm covering the most popular lock widths, a shaft for lock up to 100mm in depth and carry case. Other optional accessories are available including offset housing kit, longer drill shafts and long drill kit to drill through the end of a door to fit electric locks accurately.

UJK Air Wedges - Mixed Shapes (Pkt 3)

Whether you're fitting, fixing or levelling, these handy air wedges make the job far easier!
Made from highly durable, non-marring material and with triple welded seams, UJK air wedges are virtually indestructible. Ideal for a host of applications including holding window frames in place prior to fixing, aligning hinges when fitting a door and for levelling kitchen cabinets or appliances. Available in three versions; slim, square and wide as well as a mixed pack for your convenience.

Choose from these options

Blum Hinge Drilling Template

Made from nylon and steel, this template transfers the measurements for hinge and mounting plate fixing positions. It transfers measurements from door to cabinet and from cabinet to door. It can be used with assembled or un-assembled cabinets and has an adjustable stop for various front overlays. The calibration makes this template easy to set.

Blum Ecodrill

Made from die-cast aluminium, this simple handheld tool is ideal if you need to drill accurate hole patterns for Blum hinges. Driven by a hand drill, it neatly clamps to the workpiece. Variable drilling distance from 2-8mm.

Our most popular Blum products

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Zipbolt Worktop Connectors

If you're looking for fast, strong and secure worktop connectors, these are just the ticket.
For worktops of 25mm and above, the standard 170mm Zipbolt connector is the perfect choice. With a mechanism 20mm deep requiring a 35mm housing bore, they are compatible with the majority of worktop jigs. A 5mm hex bit is required for tensioning the connectors. If the worktop jig is adjacent to a hob or sink, the shorter 85mm connector would be the best option.

Best selling Zipbolt products

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Unika Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape

This heavy duty double sided tape is quick and easy to apply with strong adhesion, creating a permanent bond to materials like wood, metal, varnish and any low energy surfaces. Ideal for attaching kitchen worktop edging and trims, it has a good resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals and solvents, humidity and UV radiation with a high shear resistance. These qualities make it ideal for kitchen fitters. Because of high adhesive mass, it is also appropriate for rough or structured surfaces. Consisting of a hard PVC film carrier, layered on both sides with a modified acrylate adhesive. The adhesive is lined with a double-sided silicone paper. Temperature resistant -40° to +70°C. Supplied in a 5 metre length X 40mm width.

Unika Mitre Bond Adhesive & Pen

Mitre Bond is a super fast adhesive for fixing close fitting surfaces and will bond wood, metal, glass and other materials. The kit contains 3 x 50g packs of Mitre Bond adhesive and an activator pen that will set super glue in 15 seconds. The activator pen is quick and allows you to be very precise and will not give any overspray or staining. Ideal for anyone installing a new kitchen!

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