REWARDS Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Axminster Tools REWARDS loyalty programme (“REWARDS” or the “Programme”), operated by Axminster Tool Centre Ltd ("Axminster Tools" or "we"). These terms and conditions outline your ("Member" or "you") participation in the Programme. Please read them carefully. By joining and participating in the Programme, you agree to abide by the following terms:

1. Membership

1.1 The Programme is open to all UK residents aged 18 years or above. The following individuals are not eligible to join the Programme:

  1. international customers; or
  2. wholesale customers; or
  3. Trade Account members; or
  4. employees of Axminster Tools.

1.2 The Programme only applies to orders placed on the UK store of Therefore, Points can only be earned and redeemed on the website, on orders delivered to an address in the UK.

1.3 No purchase is necessary to create a REWARDS account and participation is free of charge. To join, visit the website, register an Account and opt into the Programme. You will need to provide a valid email address and password as well as your name and date of birth (optional). You are responsible for updating your personal information on Axminster Tools if it changes. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of Points or rewards incurred as a result of out of date information.

1.4 Each REWARDS member will receive and is allowed only one Programme account that is tied to their unique, valid email address. Accounts and Points are not transferable. Axminster Tools reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time.

1.5 Axminster Tools may contact you to discuss your participation in the Programme, including any Points earning opportunities which might be available to you.

1.6 You can view a summary of your Account on the website. After logging onto the website, simply click on My Account. You may also view your Points balance, earning history and redemptions made within My Account by clicking on REWARDS in the profile navigation.

1.7 You may cancel your REWARDS membership at any time. After logging onto the website, simply click on My Account. Then, select REWARDS in the profile navigation where you’ll see a button “Leave REWARDS”. Alternatively please contact us.

1.8 Upon cancellation, termination or expiry of your Account, Programme members agree to forfeit any unused Points accrued or rewards issued.

1.9 Axminster Tools may (at its sole discretion) suspend, restrict or terminate any Member's Account at any time if that Member:

  1. breaches these terms and conditions; or
  2. is not an active member of the Programme; or
  3. is misusing Points; or
  4. is engaging in unauthorized use, fraudulent activity, misconduct, unlawful activity; or
  5. acts in any way which could harm REWARDS or any of its members (including but not limited to using or promoting illicit technical aids in order to earn Points, such as software or other means that create an automatic online interaction with Axminster Tools).

1.10 You do not have a right to transfer or sell Points earned or granted. If you attempt to, or do, transfer or sell Points, Axminster Tools may re-claim or cancel Points still held in your Account, cancel those Points transferred or sold to a third party and/or suspend or terminate your Account. Axminster Tools decision in respect of such breach shall be final and conclusive.

1.11 REWARDS membership is for personal use. You must use REWARDS solely for its intended purpose and must not use REWARDS for the benefit of any third party. We may reject applications, terminate memberships or modify Points at any time if we consider your transactions to be excessive and/or for commercial or non-domestic purposes or subject to onward sale or delivery.

1.12 Programme accounts and their respective Points and rewards are the property of Axminster Tools.

2. Earning Points

2.1 You can earn Points in the following ways:

  1. by purchasing Axminster Tools products at as set out in clauses 2.5 through 2.11 below; or
  2. on the occurrence of certain actions or events as follows:
    1. Signing up, 50 Points
    2. Birthday reward, 100 Points
    3. Leave a product review, 25 Points
    4. Leave a product review with photo, 50 Points
    5. Leave a product review with video, 50 Points
    6. Like us on Facebook, 10 Points
    7. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, 10 Points
    8. Refer a Friend, 200 Points
  3. by any other means as specified by Axminster Tools from time to time.

2.2 To earn Points you must be signed in to your Account during checkout of the relevant purchase, or when you take the relevant action. Therefore, you are not able to earn Points on purchases made, or actions taken, prior to creation of your Account or when not signed in (e.g. guest checkout).

2.3 Point earning opportunities are offered at Axminster Tools discretion and may change at any time. Current Points earning opportunities can be found within your Account summary on the website.

2.4 There is no limit on the number of Points you can earn.

Earning Purchase Points:

2.5 You can earn one (1) point for every one pound (£1) spent (using any payment method available) on Axminster Tools products on the website. Points are rounded down; for example if you spend £2.50, you will receive 2 Points.

2.6 Purchase Points can be earned on orders where a discount or voucher is applied, however the purchase Points earned will be calculated based on the amount actually paid (not the value of the order before the discount/voucher was applied).

2.7 Points earned for a purchase that is subsequently the subject of a return, cancellation, refund or rejection due to insufficient funds will be deducted from the member's account in an amount equal to the Points earned for the original transaction.

2.8 Purchase Points will appear in your Account following full dispatch of the product(s) in your order. Orders cancelled prior to full dispatch will receive no Points.

2.9 Points earned are inclusive of VAT but exclude delivery charges.

2.10 Points are earned on all purchases (unless stated otherwise), except for physical Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards.

2.11 Points are earned online on purchases for delivery to the UK from our UK store. Points cannot be earned for purchases made in-store, by telephone or via our online Trade Account and International website stores.

Earning Birthday Points

2.12 In order to earn Points on your birthday, you must register your birthday on your Account at least 30 days’ prior to their birthday.

2.13 If your birthday falls within the 30 days following creation of your Account, you will receive your Birthday Points for the current calendar year 30 days after the date of registration. In subsequent years, you will receive Birthday Points on your birthday.

2.14 If you create your Account, or register your birthday, after your birthday in the current calendar year, you will not receive any Birthday Points until the following calendar year.

Earning Product Review Points

2.15 Points can only be earned by Verified Buyers placing product reviews (that are subsequently approved) via the link in the review request email received after a purchase: 25 Points for a standard review, 50 Points for a review with photo and 50 Points for a review with video.

3. Redeeming Points

3.1 Points earned by a member may be redeemed for discounts on any eligible product order on the website provided a member is:

  1. using a minimum of 100 Points; and
  2. (for product purchases only) placing an order with a value of £60 or more (excluding delivery charges).

3.2 Points can only be used once, and only for purchases made after you have received the Points into your Account. Please note, it may take several hours following the relevant full order dispatch or action for the corresponding Points to appear in your Account.

3.3 Following your redemption of Points for a discount, those Points will be removed from your Account. Axminster Tools accepts no responsibility in the event that Points are lost or redeemed by an unauthorised third party following your failure to keep your Account/password details secure and/or confidential.

3.4 Points have no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged for cash payouts. Points must be used as part payment towards products on the website.

3.5 You can use Points to claim a discount code based on the following scale:

  1. 100 Points = £5.00 discount; minimum order value £60
  2. 200 Points = £10.00 discount; minimum order value £120
  3. 300 Points = £15.00 discount; minimum order value £150 and
  4. 400 Points = £20.00 discount; minimum order value £200.

3.6 Points can only be redeemed for the applicable discount code in quantities of 100, 200, 300 or 400 (see above).

3.7 You can redeem one discount code per purchase transaction on the website (no discount code stacking is permitted unless stated otherwise), and the value of the discount must meet the minimum order value associated with that discount (excluding delivery charges). For example, for a purchase with a value of £100, you would only be able to redeem 100 Points for a discount of £5.00 (regardless of whether you held over 200 Points in your Account). Following redemption of Points for a discount code, any excess Points still held by that member following redemption will be retained in that member’s Account.

3.8 Your ability to redeem Points is subject to product availability.

3.9 A discount code may be only applied against the purchase price of eligible products and cannot be applied against delivery charges.

3.10 Discount code rewards cannot be used to purchase the following ineligible products; physical Gift Cards, E Gift Cards or Shaper Tooling products. Ineligible products may be specific to individual discount codes and we reserve the right to add or amend ineligible products against a reward at any time.

3.11 A maximum of 400 Points can be redeemed in a single transaction. Axminster Tools may, at its discretion, modify this limit on the maximum number of Points redeemable in a single transaction.

3.12 To claim a discount, you must manually add the discount code from your Account page or Basket to the applicable order. A discount may not be automatically applied to any order.

3.13 Each discount code reward can only be used once towards the partial or full payment of goods, with no refunds given for unused portions.

3.14 ALL POINTS WILL EXPIRE AFTER 12 MONTHS OF ACCOUNT INACTIVITY. After this expiry date, all unused Points will be deleted from your Account and you will no longer be able to redeem them. No reminder will be provided to you prior to expiry of any Points

3.15 For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a period of ‘account inactivity’ shall mean a period during which there is no change to the Account’s point balance (i.e. you have not earned, or redeemed, any Points). Expiry of Points or change of personal details is not considered as account activity.

3.16 ALL UNSPENT DISCOUNT CODE REWARDS WILL EXPIRE AFTER 12 MONTHS FROM ISSUE. After Points have been redeemed and a discount code reward issued, the resulting discount code must be spent within 12 months prior to expiry else its resulting value will be forfeited. No reminder will be provided to you prior to expiry of your discount code rewards. We reserve the right to invalidate discount codes at any time and without warning.

Combining a Discount Code with other promotions or discounts

3.17 Points cannot be redeemed in combination with other existing or recurring discount codes.

4. Other terms that apply to you

4.1 The personal information Members provide will be handled according to Axminster Tools privacy policy, which can be found here. We will use your personal information to manage your membership of the programme, for sales and marketing analysis and to personalise your marketing experience (where appropriate).

  1. If you have opted-in to receive marketing from us, we will contact you from time to time to send you marketing communications and keep you up to date with our products, promotions, special offers and general information regarding Axminster Tools. You may unsubscribe from receiving such marketing communications at any time.
  2. If you have not opted-in to receive marketing from us, we will only contact you with Programme information in relation to your Account.

4.2 The terms and conditions governing your use of the website can be found here, and these terms apply to you as if they were included in these terms and conditions.

4.3 From time to time, we may ask you to prove your identity to ensure that the account is not used fraudulently or otherwise in breach of the terms and conditions and to ensure the identity of the individual using the account.

5. Changes to the Programme and these terms and conditions

5.1 Axminster Tools reserves the right to cancel, suspend, modify or restrict any aspect (or the whole) of REWARDS (including without limitation the availability of Points, the discount scale and the Points/rewards expiration policy) at any time at Axminster Tools sole discretion. Any and all Points and/or rewards that have not been redeemed/spent as and when REWARDS is cancelled shall become void. Axminster Tools will give you 30 days’ notice prior to any significant changes to REWARDS becoming effective.

5.2 Axminster Tools reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time at Axminster Tools sole discretion. Any changes Axminster Tools make to these terms and conditions will be effective immediately on posting to the website. You should review these terms and conditions and check the website frequently to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to REWARDS. We will try to give you reasonable notice of any major updates and modifications to these terms and conditions before they become effective. Your continued participation in REWARDS following any modifications will signify your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any changes you should terminate your participation in REWARDS immediately.

5.3 Axminster Tools may make changes to REWARDS or these terms and conditions even though such changes may affect a member's ability to use Points already earned.

6. General

6.1 By joining REWARDS, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

6.2 While it is Axminster Tools objective to make REWARDS accessible at all times, REWARDS and the website may be unavailable from time to time for any reason including, without limitation, due to a service interruption or for routine maintenance. We will try to give you reasonable notice of any suspension or withdrawal of REWARDS or website. You agree that Axminster Tools shall not be liable for any damages arising from any such interruption, suspension or termination which was solely caused by circumstances outside Axminster Tools control.

6.3 A Member's Points balance, as reflected in Axminster Tools records, shall be deemed correct and definitive. Axminster Tools reserves the right to determine the amount of Points in any Member's Account based on Axminster Tools internal records related to such Account.

6.4 If you suffer loss as a result of breach of these terms and conditions by Axminster Tools, Axminster Tools sole liability shall be to credit you with Points in the event that such Points were incorrectly deducted or should have been credited but were not.

6.5 Axminster Tools shall not be liable for failure or delay in performing any of its obligations under these terms and conditions if such failure or delay is solely due to circumstances beyond Axminster Tools reasonable control.

6.6 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit Axminster Tools liability in respect of death or personal injury caused by Axminster Tools negligence, or in any other way that is prohibited under applicable laws.

6.7 These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales without resorting to its conflict of law provisions. Any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection therewith (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

6.8 If you have any questions relating to REWARDS, please contact us at or call on 03332 406406.

Last updated: Wednesday 27th September 2023

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