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Franklin International is the proud maker of Titebond adhesives and one of the largest manufacturers of adhesives in the United States. Titebond have glues to suit every woodworking situation. Read more...

More about Titebond

Franklin don't just make glue, they provide solutions to customers' problems. This focus on problem solving has resulted in an impressive range of innovative glues. Every new product undergoes thorough testing, both in the laboratory and in the field, before it reaches the market.

Whatever the job, Titebond offers a best-in-class product; packaged in quantities suitable for the workshop or home user, these industrial adhesives make a tremendous difference. Titebond products and the Titebond name have withstood the ultimate test: the test of time.

Titebond III Ultimate

It has the strength, long application time and water resistance of a Polyurethane glue, with the ease of application, sandability and water clean-up of a PVA glue; a truly universal, external wood glue that can be used in many situations.

Titebond III Polyurethane
Higher Bond Strength
Exterior Use - Waterproof
Easy Water Clean-up
Much Safer To Use
Shorter Clamp Time
No Foam - Less Mess
Shorter Open Time
Doesn't Stain Skin
Bonds Oily / Exotic Woods
Lower Cost - Better Value
Longer Usable Shelf Life
Storing wood glue

How to store your wood glue

Bob Behnke, Senior Technical Specialist at Titebond manufacturer Franklin International, recommends storing in a cool, dry place i.e. shed or cellar and he adds that you might be able to extend the life of your glue even longer if you have room for it in your refrigerator.


Recommended clamping times

Titebond Wood Glues: an unstressed joint 30 minutes to 1 hour; a stressed joint 24 hours. Polyurethane Glue: clamp for a minimum of 45 minutes, the glue fully cures in about 6 hours. Construction Adhesive: allows for 30 minutes working time (figure given for a 6mm bead) after which the adhesive begins to cure. After 8 hours the joint will be too strong to pull apart by hand, allowing the removal of any clamps or braces. The adhesive will continue to dry out for up to a week, getting stronger and stronger as it cures.

Gluing end grain joints

Although good joint design minimises the need for gluing end grain, sometimes end grain joints are unavoidable. The strength of end grain joints can be improved if the "open" end grain is first sized. A sizing mixture may be made by mixing one part to two parts water to one part glue. Place the sizing mixture on the end grain. Let it soak in for no more than two minutes, and then continue with a regular application of glue.

Titebond and teak

Titebond wood glues will bond teak or cedar. However, this type of timber tends to have a build up of natural oil on the surface. Before making a bond, a light sanding of the surfaces will remove this surface layer. Alternatively, wipe over with acetone, which dries quickly allowing bonding almost immediately.

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